Cost-Saving Tips Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

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Pets are a staple of human civilization

Those like lizards can bring companionship and fun. Others like dogs can bring comfort, and security to any home!

Despite their popularity, pets can be expensive investments.

However, even under financial stress you can get one.

If you’re smart with your money and responsible with your animal care, it’s possible to keep a healthy pet and bank account! Read this article to learn cost-saving tips for pet owners!

Make a Budget Plan

The most useful tip for any investment: create a budget!

  • Before getting a pet, do your research! Figure out how much money you can afford to spend, and how much your desired animal will likely cost in the short and long term.
  • Write everything out: your own finances, the cost of the pet itself, the supplies you will need to take care of them, medical expenses, and funds for emergencies.
  • Set realistic spending and saving goals. It may help to read pet care guides and visit forums for ideas on situations to expect with your pet.
  • Once you have your pet, keep track of your expenses and check your spending regularly to make sure you’re staying within the budget!

Research Options and Alternatives

Like most things on the market, there’s a wide selection of potential options for every pet-related purchase you’ll make!

  • Pets themselves can vary drastically in cost depending on breed, age, location, and breeder. Look into offers both in your area and outside it and compare to find the cheapest yet safest one.
  • Adopt instead of shop! Adoption’s an option for almost all pets, and is way cheaper than buying an animal from a retailer or breeder. For example a bearded dragon can be adopted for $25 vs $75 for a hatchling from a breeder.
  • There are countless brands for every pet supply imaginable! Research recommended cheap supplies and compared prices (and health effects!) of different brands. When you find a preferred brand, check online/other locations for their prices of that same brand. You’ll be surprised how much they can differ!
  • Take advantage of sales! Keep on the lookout for coupons and deals

While tedious, research can help you find bits of savings everywhere, which can add up over time!

Prevention Is Key

An important way of saving money long term is by reducing the chances of something going wrong.

  • Ensure good hygiene for your pet! Regularly keep them and their surroundings clean.
  • Keep your pet healthy! Provide your pet with viable food options, clean water, regular exercise and enrichment, and a safe environment.
  • Bring your pet to annual medical check-ups and keep their (and your) vaccines up to date.
  • Pet-proof the area, whether that be your home or their enclosure. Ensure sharp or fragile objects, potentially toxic materials, choking hazards, dangerous temperatures, or long drops aren’t around for their safety.
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