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Our Services

Credit Health Education Session

Intimidated by your credit report? You're not alone! Our Credit Health Education sessions help you understand and improve your credit report, a powerful step toward financial health.

Debt Management Program (DMP)

Ready to say goodbye to debt? When you sign up for a DMP, we work with your creditors to lower interest rates and monthly payments and find a plan that works for you.

Financial Health Plan

The Financial Health Plan focuses on your overall financial wellness, with an emphasis on cash-flow budgeting, savings and planning.

Apprisen offers a number of financial services that help you take action and gain financial freedom.

Our Services


Vanessa W


I am immensely grateful for Apprisen, its employees, and the services it offers. Thanks to Apprisen's Debt Management Program, I am now on the right track to paying debt, which had become unmanageable. The Financial Services Specialist I worked with was professional, helpful, and kind. She provided me with a realistic action plan and helped set up manageable monthly payments. More than that, she made me feel heard, valued, and helped me understand that there are many people in similar situations and that I do not need to feel ashamed.

Anna G


Couldn't have survived post-divorce financial collapse without Apprisen. Genuinely compassionate and non-judgmental. I just completed my 5 year DMP and I feel like it's a new world.

Chanda V


I would not be where I am today financially without Apprisen! I have been swimming in debt for years...It wasn't until I sat down and worked with Apprisen that I made some major headway in getting my revolving debt tackled. I still have some things to worry about it, but thanks to the help from Apprisen I have the extra funds to pay those things and still have some money left over to live without worry.

Robert R


Libby and the Apprisen team have proved to be invaluable to setting and meeting my short term and long term financial goals. Even with my unique situation as an entrepreneur, the consulting is astute, informed, and nurtures accountability. I wouldn’t just recommend Apprisen, but I would recommend others start using them immediately — otherwise it’s time and money lost...The price with Apprisen is very fair and now having worked with them for over a year, the results are unparalleled.

Christine D


My Experience with Urmi - has been INCREDIBLE. For somebody that did not know me - she took the time to listen to me, showed patience, and compassion for my situation. While also expressing an urgency to help me get things handled quickly - which I appreciate. I work in sales/customer service - and I will say Urmi is one of the BEST around. By the end of our conversation - I felt like I had made a new friend.



Great service that is so helpful to get your finances back on track. Representatives are very friendly, courteous, and best of all knowledgeable and professional. Couldn't ask for better service and guidance.

Sandra L


Was treated with respect. A very professional person with knowledge, expertise and was very empathic. Was great.

Valerie O


This is a fabulous service for everyone at any stage in their life. Learning how to manage one's income and expenses is very important no matter when one decides to start learning.

Ashley W


They were helpful, non-judgmental, and very knowledgeable. It was the easiest way to tackle a very difficult situation and I feel I learned a lot.

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