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    What kind of help do you need?

    Basic Finances
    Credit Counseling
    Housing Counseling
    Bankruptcy Counseling
    Debt Repayment
    Community Education

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  • Personal Finance Education

    Personal Finance Education

    • Review current financial situation
    • Analyze debt ratios and personal balance sheet
    • Establish a cash flow budget
    • Create a savings plan
    • Access free financial tools and resources

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  • Credit Health Education

    Credit Health Education

    • Pull and review your tri-merge credit report
    • Understand the credit scoring model
    • Understand how your actions affect your credit score
    • Learn how to dispute errors on your credit report

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    Even with good intentions, you can experience overwhelming financial problems. If you seek bankruptcy protection, we can help you meet the requirements defined by law.

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    Helping people improve their financial well-being through counseling, community outreach, and financial education.

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