Natural Disaster Relief: Rebuilding Financially

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We’ve all seen the news stories about hurricanes, wildfires, and tornadoes that can devastate an area in a matter of hours.  We all hope that a disaster will never strike ourselves or our loved ones.  However, it is important to make sure you are aware of your options in case you are affected. Below is how to rebuild financially through natural disaster relief resources and more.

First Things First

If you’ve been impacted by a natural disaster, you may find yourself with several pressing needs all at once.  Make sure that your physical needs (safe shelter, food, medical care) are met before worrying about your financial situation.  That is the first step.  Once your immediate needs are met, you can begin to address the financial impact of the disaster.

Government Assistance

There are federal and state financial resources that may be available to you following a disaster.  These resources may include disaster assistance with housing costs, special unemployment programs, and loans for individuals and small businesses to rebuild.  You can begin to explore these resources at  There may also be resources available through private organizations such as the American Red Cross.

Insurance Coverage

Another resource that may help you recover financially is a payout from your insurance company.  For insurance purposes, be sure that you document all damage to your home and property.  Do not throw out any damaged items until the insurance claims adjuster has had a chance to conduct a survey.  You will also need to make a list of the items present in the home before the disaster struck that you are claiming as a loss.

Make sure to make copies of any documentation you may submit to federal agencies or insurance companies for your own records.  Begin your insurance claim and benefits application processes as soon as it is safe to do so.  There may be a delay with government assistance if the disaster is widespread.  It is very likely your insurance company will also have a heavy influx of claims from your area.

Don’t Lose Hope!

It is possible to rebuild after a disaster.  With a little planning and prioritization, you can get back on track and back to normal as soon as possible. If natural disaster relief resources are not enough, Apprisen can help you build a custom emergency budget and link you to more local community resources.

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