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Create a Personalized Financial Plan

When you create a Financial Health Plan with Apprisen, we focus on your overall financial wellness with an emphasis on cash-flow budgeting, savings, and planning. This financial deep dive helps you achieve your financial goals while developing better spending habits and behaviors to boost your financial health and wealth. Whether it’s buying a house or preparing for retirement, this session will equip you with a customized plan and the necessary tools to help you reach your financial goals and have true path to wealth creation.

What to Expect From a Financial Health Plan Session:

  • Financial Health Assessment: Get a full evaluation, including a financial health survey to gauge overall financial wellness.
  • Personalized Cash-Flow Statement: This statement structures the inflows and outflows of money based on due dates and pay schedules.
  • Debt Ratio Analysis: This analysis is used by lenders to determine how well monthly debts are managed and impacts your ability to borrow.
  • Customized Action Plan: Your financial specialist will create personalized action steps to help develop better financial habits and ensure your goals are achieved!
  • Credit Report Review: A review or your credit report and score 
  • Personal Balance Sheet: We provide an overall snapshot of wealth at a specific time period and calculate net worth.
  • Savings Plan Projection: This forecasts timely deposits to meet established savings goals and creates pathway to build wealth.

Financial Health Plan

$95 for a comprehensive individual or joint session. Fee may vary based on applicable laws and regulations. 

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Get Started with IRIS

Financial health happens when you partner with IRIS! Securely submit your financial information to IRIS and receive a free, comprehensive financial plan within hours! This plan is reviewed by one of our live Certified Financial Specialists. It's the first step on your journey to financial health!