Apprisen’s Year in Review: Clients Emerging Victorious in 2023

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As we step into the dawn of a new year, it’s pivotal to glance back at the experiences, triumphs, and lessons that defined the previous year. In 2023, our clients faced an array of challenges – surging mortgage rates, the resumption of student loan payments, and unsettling concerns about the stability of the financial system. Inflation danced a complex tango, and uncertainties lingered, especially regarding the trajectory of gas prices.

Yet, amid these economic uncertainties, our clients not only weathered the storm but emerged victorious, showcasing that with a touch of determination and support, the extraordinary becomes attainable.

Empowering Local Communities

Our commitment to financial education reached over 677K individuals through our outreach and social media endeavors. Thanks to our partnerships, we empowered local communities nationwide with insightful financial workshops, local community outreach events, educational social media content, and webinars. Hats off to those who invested in boosting their financial knowledge.

Celebrating Debt Management Triumphs

Effective debt management is a pivotal point for financial well-being. For our clients, this entailed custom debt management plans, featuring reduced interest rates and payments, paving the way for increased savings or accelerated debt payoff. In 2023, our debt management program participants achieved remarkable milestones.

Top 5 States With DMP Participants:

  1. Ohio
  2. Kentucky
  3. Indiana
  4. Missouri
  5. California


The spotlight also shines on cities where debt management program graduates excelled.


Top 5 Cities With DMP Graduates:

  1. Columbus, OH
  2. Cincinnati, OH
  3. Indianapolis, IN
  4. Cleveland, OH,
  5. Youngstown, OH


These graduates collectively obliterated $21,016,766.28 worth of debt. Bravo, graduates!


Nurturing Financial Wellness

Beyond debt management, we provide affordable financial wellness programs/services.  697 clients embarked on a transformative journey, undergoing comprehensive financial wellness services (e.g. Financial Health Plan, Credit Health Education Session, Financial Coaching, or Propel). Of those,  123 clients worked toward their 2023 financial goals through the financial coaching program . In the pursuit of sound financial health, they collectively saved a substantial $92,593.48. Of the financial coaching participants who worked on credit-building goals, the average credit score increase was 42 (from an initial average of 623 to a final average of 665).

As we embrace 2024, a canvas of new opportunities and challenges unfolds. Here’s to navigating the uncharted waters of 2024 with resilience, wisdom, and triumph. Cheers!

Click below to check out our year in review infographic:

2023 Apprisen’s Year In Review Infographic

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