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Financial Coaching for a Bright Financial Future

Finances aren’t easy, especially when you’re facing obstacles like debt or bad credit. That’s why Apprisen offers financial coaching for those who need a little extra support in reaching their financial goals. We offer two types of Financial Coaching – coaching for individuals and couples, and coaching for employees through Employer Financial Wellness Programs.

Individual & Couple Financial Coaching

Apprisen Financial Fitness Coaches empower, support and motivate clients to achieve their financial goals. In a series of individual holistic coaching sessions over a 12-month period, participants will:

  • Set personalized financial goals and create an action plan for achieving them.
  • Review their credit reports/scores with the coach, learn how to address issues, and identify ways to strengthen credit.
  • Receive access to free financial tools via webinars, social media, and Money Minute blog articles.
  • Stay engaged and remain accountable for progress through follow-ups with their coach.
  • Connect with their coach in three convenient ways: in-person, phone, or email.
  • Track and record changes in behavior through Apprisen’s Financial Stability assessment. 

Ready to learn more about how our Financial Coaching can work for you? Give us a call at 800.355.2227, or chat now to speak to a Financial Specialist.

Employer Financial Wellness

Are you interested in providing coaching to your employees or clients? Studies show that your employees’ financial concerns are costing you money.  Contact us for more information on how to bring financial wellness to your workplace.

  • 35% of employees are distracted by finance issues while at work.
  • 49% of those distracted spend 3+ work hours a week thinking about or dealing with their financial issues.
  • 20% of employees admit productivity at work has been impacted by financial worries. 
  • 1 in 4 employees rank a financial wellness benefit with access to unbiased counselors as the most desired employer benefit.

Source: PWC 2019 Financial Wellness Survey

Financial Coaching

A one-time $250 fee for individual or joint sessions. These holistic coaching sessions take place over a 12-month period. 


Employer Financial Coaching Programs also available. Fees based on local partnerships.

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Get Started with IRIS

Financial health happens when you partner with IRIS! Securely submit your financial information to IRIS and receive a free, comprehensive financial plan within hours! This plan is reviewed by one of our live Certified Financial Specialists. It's the first step on your journey to financial health!