Halloween Decorations on a Budget

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Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year for as long as I can remember. Every year my family and I plan a theme to scare and intrigue the local trick or treaters. Although, it comes once a year it always seems like it’s never the right time financially. Many people ask “How can I enjoy the Halloween festivities without draining my bank account?” Just about anything Halloween related can be created with items you have around your home. Here are a few decoration ideas that will help you stay within your budget while still having fun!

  • Silhouettes and Shadows

There’s a lot you can do with scissors, construction paper, and cardboard! You can find design cutouts online or you can draw your own. I find it easier to trace the cut outs onto black construction paper with chalk and then cut out the shapes. Arrange your cutouts on a wall or glass and then add light. You want to position the light so that it casts a shadow.  For window displays it helps to have light color curtains, blinds, or to cover the windows with wax paper. You can create a spooky graveyard display in your front yard by using cardboard for tombstones. Add creepy black cats to your yard and bats hanging from the trees. Theses inexpensive ideas can help turn your home into a haunted house.

  • Pumpkins and Lanterns

Jack O’ lanterns are a classic and a tradition in most homes during the Halloween season!  There is always carving pumpkins which is pretty popular year after year. However, if you’re not too good at carving you can always draw or paint them! Create a spooky or a funny face on your pumpkins with paint or markers. If these ideas don’t tickle your fancy, or you don’t have enough time to design a creative pumpkin then create a pumpkin topiary! You can design your very own pumpkin topiary by stacking pumpkins on top of each other on a flowerpot or an urn. If you are feeling SpOoKy this holiday season, you can make your own lanterns! It’s super easy, all you have to do is use paper lunch bags and write words on them using a black marker. (You can even use old milk jugs can be make ghost faces within the lantern.) Insert LED tea lights in the bags or milk jugs for a creative and lit up lantern!

  • Ghost and Witches

What would Halloween be without a few ghosts and witches! Using cheese cloth, string, and helium balloons you can create a floating ghost! If you are unable to hang them, you can use a yard stick to place them in your yard. For witch inspired décor, you can use old bottles and mason jars to make an alchemy display. Old books with dust, cobwebs, broomsticks and witch hats are some other props that make good additions. Last but not least you can make “Witches brew!”  This can be made with a few simple ingredients and an old pot. One of the easiest recipes is using root beer extract, sugar, water, and dry ice.
We hope you find these decoration ideas to be helpful! These are just a few of the many ideas to help start off your Halloween season while helping you still save money. If all else fails, old fashioned trick or treating is always fun. Check out your local area for free events and activities. Remember to plan and be creative so you that can have a fun and festive Halloween! Happy Halloween!

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