Best Savings this Fall Season!

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Like it or not fall is here! On September 22nd we passed into the autumnal equinox. Football season is in full swing and soon leaves will begin to fall and carpet the ground. Fall brings with it falling temperatures and the promise of winter but it also brings opportunity as well. Most of us will try to shop around for the best deal on a regular basis but we should also shop around according to the season. Fall gives us a chance to avoid paying full price.
First one point needs to be made.  Just because something is a good price doesn’t mean you need to buy it. After all you are still paying a price. Handling your personal finances well requires that you have a good grasp of your needs versus your wants. We have all heard our friends or family or said it ourselves, “It was such a good deal that I couldn’t pass it up.” Know the difference between your wants and needs and what you can afford to spend on your wants before you spend it.  Sometimes passing up a great buy is the best decision you will make.
Lecture over. What are the some of the best buys to make in the fall? Some are obvious and some are less so but common sense applies to all.  You can probably come up with some of your own, too!

  • Summer clothes usually go on sale once fall hits! Winter coats and boots need to be put on the floor and significant savings even to name brand cloths are there for the taking. I’ve done this over the years every fall and I won’t buy something unless it is marked down to at least half price.
  • Lawn furniture and most things outdoor. An obvious one of course but super useful. Outdoor furniture is expensive so if you are looking to replace those deck chairs big savings can be had. Don’t just limit it to furniture. Do you need to replace a dead bush or plants in your landscape? Many nursery’s offer discounts on their plants and trees in the fall before they close up shop for the winter. Also, look at buying a bicycle at this time. Not only will you get a better deal on it, but you will still be able to ride in that cool breezy fall weather.
  • Thinking about pulling the trigger on a new car? If you are in need of a new car, fall is the time. New 2018 models are coming out now and dealer are ready to make great deals on their 2017 models and they usually have plenty left in October and November.
  • Just like cars, you want to shop for appliance when stores are beginning to bring in the new models. Savings will be made available for you to get the “old – new” appliances out the door.
  • Traveling in the fall saves you money! Falls comes between the high travel periods of the summer and holiday seasons. Airlines and hotels will often offer significant savings during this traditionally slower period.

These are just of few of the items that can be purchased at a discount in the fall but there are plenty of others! Do you know any other fall discount items?  Leave a comment and let me know what you purchase in the fall to avoid paying full price.

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