Tailgating on a Budget: 8 Cheap and Easy Tips to Host a Budget-Friendly Tailgate

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Enjoy tailgating? What if I told you that you could throw a tailgate WHILE continuing to be budget conscious!  Who wants to cut costs while eating and drinking with familiar and unfamiliar faces in the parking lot of their favorite college team?  If so, check this article out!. If you follow these 8 easy tips, you may have enough money left in your budget to do it all over again!
Borrow tailgating essentials or buy them earlier in the year: If you do not have all the equipment you need for the tailgate, consider borrowing the items. Borrowing chairs, folding tables, and other outdoor furniture and essentials from friends and family for the tailgate will save you time and money. If you are unable to borrow the equipment, retailers such as Dicks Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, and Roush may have these items on sale. You can also check out Ebay or Amazon for other good deals.
Plan your tailgate menu around items on sale: Signing up for the loyalty program at your grocery store can help you save money when purchasing food items for your tailgate. This program typically allows you access to exclusive deals, digital coupons, store wide specials and extra savings. Once you are signed up, take a look at the grocery store sales and ads, printed and digital coupons, as well as various apps to decide what items are going to have the best deals. You can then plan your tailgate menu around these items. This easy to follow tailgating tip will take you a step closer to establishing an inexpensive tasty menu, while still impressing your friends.  So, buy the ground beef, BUT only if is on sale.
Buy cheap or generic beer: Another tip to be more budget conscious while tailgating is to buy cheap or generic beer. Look for the generic beer or the store brand beer if you can’t get your favorite beer on sale. Apps such as Ibotta typically do have cash back coupons available for most popular beer brands. Buying beer in bulk may also save you a few bucks if you choose to buy for everyone attending your tailgate! Consider buying your beer in bulk at your local Sam’s Club, Costco or at the nearest wholesale store. Stocking up on beer using these tips will save you a significant amount of money while still keeping your friends happy.
Purchase inexpensive college team jersey’s or gear. Showing your team spirit can be expensive. Avoid purchasing new and expensive jerseys for your favorite college team. Consider shopping for your favorite team jersey at a consignment shop or a thrift store near the university. If you have the time, you may be able to get your hands on an inexpensive college team jersey by visiting the university’s surplus gear and jersey store or through the online sales or auction of their surplus gear and jerseys through the athletic department. For an even deeper discount, simply purchase an inexpensive tee shirt in the color of your favorite college team to show support.
Buy soda and bottled water in bulk. Buying in bulk or buying larger sizes is another tip to prevent you from stressing out about the cost of drinks. For example, buying a 12 ounce can of soda will cost you more per ounce that it would cost you to buy a 2 liter of soda. Keeping the cost of the food and drinks down by buying in bulk and buying larger sizes will also help you to tailgate smarter and cheaper. Just grab some cups and ice and you will be good to go!
Choose a designated driver. Secure a designated driver before the tailgate begins. If no one wants the role of designated driver, you still have options. A taxi, an Uber or Lyft ride home is certainly cheaper than dealing with legal issues.
Avoid parking at the football stadium. The cost of parking at the stadium is expensive. Consider splitting the stadium parking fee by carpooling, or ask one person from your group to park at the stadium to set up the tailgate. Everyone else would park where probably somewhere further where it is cheaper. You may have to walk a little further but it is certainly worth it when you are avoiding high cost parking! It will allow you to not feel guilty about eating since you will be burning calories walking to the tailgate.
Buy party essentials at a dollar store. Dollar stores are known to sell a wide variety of inexpensive household items and party supplies. Visit your local dollar store for tailgate necessities such as napkins, paper plates and cups, as well as plastic utensils in your team colors. Create your own team banner with the budget-friendly supplies you can find at the local dollar store. Fancy decorations aren’t needed to have fun. Celebrating your favorite team without the guilt is the fun part.
Tailgating is a fun activity and shouldn’t cost a fortune to host one! Use these tips so that you continue to have fun without breaking the bank!

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