Ways to Save on a Halloween Costume

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Halloween is right around the corner! It’s usually not the best time to spend hundreds of dollars on costumes with other holidays approaching.  Not to mention candy can be expensive for the trick or treaters. Instead of shopping for costumes, think of what you can do for $20 or less. If you’re not that creative search the internet and YouTube for DIY ideas. Here are a few tips that helped me get my creativity going, plus they brought on halloween savings

Around the house

You can always be a celebrity or your idol by taking advantage of what you have in your closet. If this is the route you want to take, start by thinking of who you want to be first. Once you have that figured out you will know what to look for.  Objects are another easy idea to create with household items. In the event you need to purchase accessories or clothing, consignment shops and dollar stores are cheap.


I always find it easier to come up with ideas by watching TV. Whether I want to be scary or friendly I try to keep up with the top movies at the box office. This is a good idea if you’re going for a theme such as zombies or princesses. You can’t go wrong with classics like ghost, vampires, or witches. The key is to be as creative as possible.


White shoe polish, black lipstick, and eyeliner will make an easy skeleton face. These items can be found at your local dollar store. $5 and your Halloween ready! If you want to go for a zombie look fake blood can be made with water, flour, and food coloring. Remember playing with paper Mache as a kid? Use the same ingredients with tissue paper and you can make fake skin or a creepy mask. YouTube has many videos on different ideas.

Shop Smart for Halloween Savings

If you are set on purchasing a costume, you may want to consider shopping early. Another tip is to shop the day before or the day of Halloween. In most cases, costumes are 50%-75% less. The disadvantage is the limited supply. Check your local listing for costume rentals. This will allow you to save some money and not crowd your closet. Take advantage of coupons and discount stores for decorations, costumes, and candy for more Halloween savings.
These are just a few of the many tips and ideas that are out there. If you enjoy Halloween as much as I do, my final tip is to shop ahead of time for next year. Typically, if you wait about a week after Halloween retail store price will drop tremendously. This will allow you to get a big head start for the next year. Either way have fun, cut cost, and be creative. Happy Halloween! Do you have any affordable DIY ideas? Comment below.

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