5 Ways to Make Extra Holiday Cash

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Happy Holidays! Too soon? I hate to break it to you but the holiday season is coming upon us fast. My sister emailed me the other day to discuss our father’s Christmas gift. Yes, she is the one who is all done with her Christmas shopping. Anyway, her idea means I’m done with one gift. Of course, there is the matter of paying for that gift and the others. We’re a family of 4, plus 11 immediate family members. That makes gift buying a challenge. Often we buy 20 different gifts. At an average of $10 a gift that adds up to $200. And let’s be real, it’s tough to stick to $10/person. Once that average gets bumped up to $20 that’s $400. And I would bet you a chocolate bar that the average spend on gifts is higher than $20 per gift. So, you don’t want to be left out of the fun do you? You need holiday cash! Time to make some extra money so you can enjoy the holidays without the hangover of debt.
Have you every pranked a friend or family member? Maybe just scaring them when they walk around a corner or hollering out during a particularly tense movie scene. The latter is my favorite! I stole that little trick from my father. Just as the hero was creeping around the darkened room looking for the killer and the music was building up anticipation, my father would yell, “HAAA!” and stomp his foot. It would scare the hearts right out of our chests. I now enjoy torturing my poor girls the same way! They are starting to catch on, proving they are smarting than I was as a kid. Do you like scaring people? If you do, the first seasonal gig is for you!

Work for a haunted house

Hauntworld.com estimates we spend $300 to $500 million each year on haunted attractions. Have some fun and get some of that cash into your pocket. You can dress up as a headless corpse or one of the walking dead and make people scream all in good fun!  You put fake blood on your face and scare the crap out of people and you don’t go to jail! Also you get paid!

Make Halloween or Christmas decorations

We aren’t done with Halloween yet. Halloween is second only to Christmas on the amount of money spent for paraphernalia and decorations. According to the National Retail Federation people will spend $60 to $70 a piece on decorations. Why not have them hand that money to you? Get crafty with it! If you aren’t crafty, then the internet is your friend. Decoration ideas are everywhere.

Drive for Holiday Cash

Drive for Uber or Lyft or another driving service. We all know the holidays are busy! It’s the time of year we meet up with family and old friends. People go out to eat more and have more parties and get to gathers. They need to get there and get home. Take advantage of the extra market for rides and put more holiday money in your pocket.

Try Catering

Catering companies need holiday help. With all those holiday parties, catering companies need help to meet the added demand. If you have any experience in food service or you just want to get some food service experience, look for catering companies. Just google the catering companies in your area and give them a call. They need you so you might as well make more of that sweet holiday cash!

Seasonal Work at Retailers

Of course retailers need seasonal workers, but so do shipping companies. With online shopping consuming all things retail, shipping companies need holiday help to meet the jump in demand. Do you have a pulse and want to make holiday money? Check out the mall and local shipping distribution points.
Maybe dressing up in bloody gore and scaring the snot out of people for money isn’t your thing. I mean there are some crazy people who don’t like chocolate! So, tell me. What are some things, large or small, that you have done for holiday cash? Please let me know in the comments. Don’t be scared!

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