Money Talk Taboo: Talking About Money Online

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When you’re at a dinner party, you’re never supposed to talk about money or politics. At least that’s what my mother taught me. And you heard it too, right? We were taught that being a good host or guest meant sticking to small talk like the weather and how amazingly perfect our children are.

And social media is the biggest virtual shin-dig there is. So I think a lot of us have assumed that we need to play by the same rules there, too. We only share selfies and tidbits that put us in the best light and don’t rock any boats. So talking about money is out of bounds… right?

But what if I told you that online can also be the source of some of your greatest community and help with money as well? We learned a lot from the last year and a half. Including that when we can’t meet in person, we can find a wealth of connections and support online. Whether that’s a FitBit walking group or commiseration over virtual schooling. And the fact that you’re here reading this blog – that’s proof you want to believe it’s true for money talk, too.

Let me encourage you to check out some of these trailblazers who are boldly taking their real life money talk to social media. From how to budget, to ways to save and even plan for retirement. These writers are here to help you understand your finances – and maybe even find a little new community of the thrifty along the way.

Social Media Budgeting Community Links:

Pennies And Purpose –  For real-life simplicity with your money.
Go Budget Girl –Including real estate and spending decisions.
The Budget Mom –Realistic budget plans. No really.
Make Real Cents – Investing and retirement.

I’m not advocating that we all go share our bank account balances and identifying information of course. It’s just about being transparent with the real struggles and successes we face with our finances. Can we make it true that #SavvyIsTheNewSkinny? Or that an insta of our home-cooked garden goodies can be just as shareable as the trendy new pub fare up the street? This blog and writer gives you my resounding “yes.”

If you need a safe space to talk about money,  connect with an Apprisen Financial Specialist via our IRIS chat. Simply click on the IRIS icon on the right corner. The Apprisen team fosters a non-judgement, confidential, and personalized zone.


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