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I have heard from many people that they are bad with their finances.  They feel powerless in the situation, but having financial know-how isn’t the same as the color of your eyes or hair–it is limited by your genes. In fact, financial skill is really a choice. You can choose to educate yourself on finances. Just making that choice will impact the rest of your life as personal finances are always a part of living. Confidence in financial decisions is its own reward. Here is how you can get started on investing yourself.

1. Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to  get up to date financial information. Finances, like fashion, go through trends and we have to keep up. Some fundamentals like budgeting and saving remain the same but how people accomplish those things doesn’t remain the same as it was 10, 5 years, or even a year ago. Podcasts discuss the latest trends and innovations in finance and can be a valuable tool in your education. You can simply play an episode on demand when you are walking the dog or doing laundry or the dishes. It provides a break from the boredom of menial tasks while teaching you something new.

2. Books

Books are still a thing even if you don’t have an actual book in your hand. There are tons of financial books that come out each year and your local library has most of them. Reputable financial books can help you understand the basics of investing (e.g. retirement), what questions to ask your financial advisor(s) and more! You can even download books on your tablet or listen to audiobooks. You can listen audiobooks to break up your day. Checking out books from a Library is a budget-friendly way you can consume books without breaking your wallet.

3. Youtube

YouTube is a mainstay for me. I have shared many stories about how YouTube taught me something whether it was how to change the breaks on my car or a bow-tie knot. Well, YouTube can broaden your financial education by showing you how to budget your money or how to build an emergency fund. Take a few moments when you sit down on the couch and search finances on YouTube and see what you get. In 15 minutes increments, you can add vastly to your financial knowledge.

The above can help you educate yourself about finances, which will improve your financial health and confidence. They can also provide guidance on how to work with a financial advisor to manage your retirement accounts when your finances are strained–which affects your future investments. Finally, consider a FinFit service from Apprisen.  We offer Financial coaching and other financial education services. These services can have a lasting positive effect on your finances and give you the knowledge to build wealth and stability. No matter your tax bracket, you can benefit from ongoing financial education. All of us want to get the most out of your income and it is worth investing yourself through financial education.

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