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Regifting is Great

It started by accident but became a happy accident. My wife and I started regifting several years ago because of an unexpected gift. We attended a holiday dinner at our friend’s house, and they presented us with a Christmas gift. We felt a little awkward because we had not purchased them anything and hadn’t planned on it. They of course waived us off with, “don’t worry about it,” but of course we did.

When we got home that weekend, we wondered how to respond. We found fun Christmas themed mugs we had received for Christmas one year ago but rarely used. We wrapped it up in a nice box and presented our friends with it. They opened it up and admired the mugs. Later, in the evening after a few beverages, I admitted to regifting the mugs to them as we had not expected to exchange gifts. This brought about a round of laughter. They confessed they had regifted us their cheese plates that they hated! I actually thought they were nice, and we still use them to this day! This was the start of an annual tradition.

Regifting does save money, but it isn’t necessarily cheap. Your junk is someone else’s treasure. It doesn’t have to be junk; it just has to be something that you don’t need or use. Regifting is another way to recycle, and it keeps things out of the landfill. We have even regifted items that were regifted to us. We may not have had a use for it, but we knew a family member that would be thrilled to receive it. So, start a new tradition of your own with regifting. Thoughtful gifts are good gifts, and no one needs to know, unless you tell them.

Make Something Yourself

Are you a crafter? Do you have opposable thumbs? If so, you are in luck! If you are a crafter, great! Use your skills to put together gifts for friends and families. Do you trill, scrapbook, or create other crafts? My daughters make these bracelets for their Christmas gifts. There are so many free to low-cost gift ideas that you can make yourself. Make your own cutting or chopping board out of scrap wood. This may sound crazy to you, but I assure you it can be done.  Spend $5 dollars on a cheap board and personalize it. You do not need any unique skills. Here is a great idea on how to personalize wooden kitchen utensils for an exceptionally low price and makes a great and useful gift.


Presentation & Personalization Are Key

Good gifts are the ones that are personal and presented as special. A pack of colored pencils or pens makes a great gift because you present it in pretty packaging. When you bake for neighbors and friends, put a bow on it and a note wishing them well. When you put your personal time into a gift, it really ups the ante. Personalizing and decorating show that you care enough to put your own time and thought into a present. Even when regifting, you can present it in a funny and creative way. Personalized gifts do not come across as an obligation or cheap no matter what gift you are giving. In addition, you will get more out of the experience because you are using your brain and creativity.

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