Holiday Supply Shortages: How to Plan for Gift-Giving

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If you have been shopping over the past few weeks, you probably noticed bare shelves and a limited amount you can purchase. What about online orders? Are they are taking longer to arrive? And what about seen hiring signs all over your city? Of course, each of these of these situations are caused by multiple issues. However, it has compounded in a much larger one: supply shortages. And with the holidays around the corner, I want to provide you with a plan for gift giving during a supply shortage.

Plan Ahead

Think about who you plan to give gifts to this year and what you want to give them. Is the gift a “hot” item this year? Such as popular toy or electronics? Maybe the newest gadget for their home. If you plan to get this type of gift, order it early. Due to the supply shortage if you wait too long it may be not be available. And if you feel comfortable going into a store, you could walk out with the gift. Plus, you don’t need to worry about delivery. Some retailers have said if it’s not currently in stock, it won’t be available for the holidays. As additional shipments may not arrive in time.

Give Experience Gifts

Another gift option is to give an experience. This option eliminates the supply chain shortage. It  may be a good option for family and friends that like to try new activities or get out and go. They may not enjoy having a physical gift as much. I’ve listed a few suggestions here. Concert tickets, day pass to a museum or zoo. Maybe they would like a membership to streaming service or state park. Some people value time more than anything, consider planning a gift where you do an activity together. For a more extensive list, click here for 99 ideas.

Shop Local

When you shop local, you support your community. Often there are more unique and thoughtful gifts available. The gifts can be higher quality than what you would find on Amazon, Walmart or Target. Prices will vary but that is no different than shopping online or at a big box store. Also remember if you are looking for deals, there is Small Business Saturday. It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving and just like Black Friday, you can find tons of steals on great items.

The holidays are a time to be with those you care about. Not stressed to the max hunting for the perfect gift this year. This year will have different challenges than years past because of holiday supply shortage. However, if you plan ahead and get creative with your gift giving this holiday season will be a success. For additional holiday tips and resources, look for us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.

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