How to Avoid the Supply Chain Blues

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By now, you have heard of the supply chain issues that are restricting consumer goods. The chains are pulling apart as the pandemic continues to disrupt the workforce that connects those chains.  As the holidays approach, you may be worried about missing out on the Thanksgiving turkey or that special holiday gift. As the ships sit in port and the trucks idle at warehouses with nobody to unload them, how should we approach the Thanksgiving meal and the holidays in general? Panic!!! Nope. As always, a little planning ahead will take you a long way because you will be prepared, calm and cool. Then your family arrives but that is another story.

First, try to anticipate what items may be in short supply the next couple of months and stock your pantry accordingly. Notice I wrote stock not hoard! Hoarding supplies doesn’t help anyone and honestly you don’t want to come across as a rabid raccoon to your neighbors lol. Buy enough to be comfortable but don’t further strain the system due to a panic. Also, this shortage is likely to spot and not widespread. As with other shortages we have been dealing with in the pandemic, this too will pass.

According to experts, items like canned goods, turkeys, chicken, pet food and bottled water may be in short supply.  Turkey! That would be a nightmare for me as I love turkey smoked on the grill! I consider myself somewhat of a turkey expert as I cook at least one a month through out the year. Don’t be afraid to purchase a frozen turkey ahead of Thanksgiving. The secret to a delicious turkey smoked on the grill or roasted in the oven is brine. It works great on frozen turkey, I promise!

Canned goods are an easy fix as they last a long time. Buy them as you see them and stock up the pantry. That is all.

Bottled water? Who buys bottled water? I don’t want to judge or anything but there are lots of obvious alternatives to bottled water. Reusable containers and water flavoring are my favorite go to and can be prepared in minutes. Last year we upgraded to a soda stream, and it works great! Check out this helpful article on bottled water.

The bottom line is not to overreact to the potential of shortages. Make a list of the items you need for your holiday meals and celebrations. List making is the life! Keep that list handy as you may add to it or cross off the goods as you purchase them.  Start purchasing the non-perishable goods and frozen foods now so that you have what you need ahead of time. Don’t be afraid of frozen turkeys. Planning will actually help the supply chain as you are doing your part to spread out the demand. Good luck with the holidays!

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