Working on Your Finances? You Need to be Organized

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Today I want to discuss something that will help you to stay organized. When you work on your finances, you might need items like your reading glasses, check book, stamps, pen, and calculator. Some people need a bottle of water or a stick of gum to help keep them focused. A great idea is to use a caddy to keep all your work materials together.
Keeping it organized
What is a work caddy? Anything that holds your supplies is a caddy. Be imaginative. Re-purpose a shoe box or a basket. Dish drainers work well. Place bills, checkbook, calculator or envelopes in the slats where the plates dry. Put pencils, glasses and stamps in the silverware holder. Use the tray under the drainer for paper or a tablet. Find the perfect caddy in your house, or a thrift store at very low cost.
How to use a caddy: Keep everything you need to do your work in the caddy, and keep it near your work space. For example, if you decide the kitchen table is your best work space, keep your supplies in a caddy on top of the refrigerator and take them down when you work at the table. Put them back in the caddy and return it to the same place, every time, when you are done.
Reasons to use a caddy: Caddies can help you stay organized and ready to work. Easily inventory caddy supplies, see when they’re low, and replace supplies before they’re gone. Staying organized helps you finish quicker, so you can move on to more enjoyable activities. The caddy signals that budgeting is an important task, worth prioritizing. It validates your effort. And it helps you to improve your money management skills.
Keeping your finances on track does not have to be difficult work. Be your own best friend and stay organized. Every step you take to improve your financial health is a step toward success.

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