Working on your finances? You need a workspace

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So how is that budget of yours going? Do you need to get started? Stay motivated? Or revamp your system? Whether you’re seasoned or new at managing your finances, you might benefit by considering (or reconsidering!) some budgeting basics. Each article in this series focuses on a single budgeting tool, either a money management skill, or one of the supplies you will need.
Today’s discussion is all about something really basic that you will need; a good place to work. At a minimum, you will need sufficient space to work. Managing your finances is demanding work, so you’ll want to sit down and spread out a little. To succeed at the tasks of budgeting, you will need a flat surface, like a table or desk, and a sturdy chair.
A good work space…
Is free from distractions. If your chair or table wobbles, fix it so you are not distracted. Do something simple, like tape a match book under a short chair leg, if you need to. Keep your space relatively quiet while you work. Turn off music or the television, or turn them down if they are distracting. Calculating comes easy to no one. Minimize distractions to focus on your task.
Is roomy enough. Keep your space tidy. Clear clutter and wipe the table or desk before you begin, if needed. You may need a lamp. You will need enough space to sort through your papers, and place your other supplies.
Supports the work you do. Make sure it is well-lit. You may need to keep an extra pair of reading glasses there. You may need to consider timing. If you use the kitchen table, for example, paying bills close to a meal time is not a good choice.
Choose your workspace with care. Tweak things to improve it, if needed. When you have chosen your work space, ALWAYS use that place for this task, so everything you need will be at hand.

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