What to Wear on New Year’s Eve: Savers Edition

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New Years Eve… the last holiday before the holiday season is over. New Years Eve is another one of my FAVORITE holidays! It’s always a guaranteed fun night no matter if you are sitting at home watching the ball drop or going out and about. The one thing that can be kind of tricky about New Years is what to wear. I can tell you that year after year, I always think that I have an outfit I can wear from a previous year, and then I try it on and remember why it’s been a year since I wore it. For me and my friends, the hardest part about finding the right New Years outfit is finding one that’s the right price. Let’s face it, you may love that sparkly dress, but is there really any other time of the year that you are going to wear it? Here are five different ways that you can celebrate in style without spending a fortune on your New Years outfit.

  1. Buy your outfit early!! New Years styles pretty much do not change. Year after year there are outfits available at different stores that are the same (or just a more sparkly version) as the year before. My advice is to buy your New Years outfit for the next year, the week after New Years. Typically, the styles don’t change but the prices sure do! They usually put these outfits on the sales rack on January 2nd so make sure to take a look for 2018.
  1. Since you are reading this post, you probably don’t have an outfit that you bought on last year’s clearance rack. My advice is to dress up whatever type of outfit you already have. It doesn’t have to be shiny or sparkly. Dress it up with some sparkly jewelry and you’re golden. Forever 21 has some good pieces that are not only cheap but will make you look like you paid a fortune for it when in reality you didn’t.
  1. Mix and Match! So, you have NOTHING to wear for New Years and you just HAVE to get that new dress for a party that you are attending. Go for it! Just make sure that you are wearing shoes and accessories that you already have to keep the price low. Plus, with your new dress everyone is going to think your whole outfit is new.
  1. Use websites such as renttherunway.com where you can rent an outfit for a special event. This website is amazing because it shows you what the outfit looks like on the model as well as what it looks like on other Rent the Runway customers. It’s a good way to get a formal festive outfit without paying the full price. They also have categories that can help you narrow down your search such as color, size, as well as a category that shows you the best dresses for your body type.
  1. Get the dress that you wore a few years back altered. This can give you a new dress that’s a fraction of the price of a new one. Take it to your nearest alterations place and they can turn your once full length long sleeve dress into a short tank top dress. You never know what you can do with alterations so at least go in and have them see what they can do for you.

After finding your new outfit, enjoy the night! New Years is a holiday that brings everyone together. Count down the hours until the New Year, and then it’s off to start those resolutions!

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