Top 10 Cheap Fall Activities

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Pumpkin patches, hot apple cider and scary movie nights – I could not be more excited that it is fall! But with the holiday season coming up, I need to remind myself to take it easy on my autumn activities. Here’s my list of festive yet affordable ideas for the season:
1. Check out a local pumpkin patches or go apple picking. You can spend the rest of your day baking your seasonal favorites: pumpkin pies, pumpkin seeds and apple cobbler. Yum! Don’t forget about pumpkin carving for household decorations.
2. If you’re the artistic type, fall can be an inspirational time. Consider documenting the changing of seasons through paintings or photography. I love documenting the same setting each week for the whole season. It’s incredible to watch the change!
3. My personal favorite is going on a weekend camping trip. The weather is perfect to be outside! Read scary stories around the campfire with s’mores. Later, you can go on a night hike as substitute for haunted trails.
4. Make your own Halloween costume. Not only with this save have you a hefty amount of money, but it can also be a fun get together. You and a group of friends can plan the perfect coordinated costumes.
5. Have a scary movie marathon. Netflix has a Halloween favorite’s category with plenty of options to choose from! Plus, who doesn’t love curling up on the couch with hot cider for the night?
6. Fall means its football season. Instead of tailgating, consider grilling out. Keep it cheap by delegating who is responsible for bringing snacks, burgers and drinks. Watching the game at home rather than going to the actual game will save you tons as well.
7. Check out local harvest festivals in your area. These are almost always free. Just be careful not to get distracted and buy a bunch of fall goodies.
8. Go on winery and brewery tours. Now’s the time they are sampling mulled wines and fall style beer tastings. I personally can’t wait for stouts!
9. Check out local antique stores and flea markets. With the cold weather coming up, my guess is you’re going to be in your house a lot more than you were in the summer. Why not redecorate your home? Plus, inventory should be discounted since sellers are trying to clear out their store for next season’s goods.
10. One weekend, host a chili cook off with friends or family. It can save you a lot of money by staying in on a Friday or Saturday night. You’ll also have leftovers to make chili nachos for Sunday football!
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