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Budgeting, Planning and Savings Tools

Manage your money more effectively using these practical tools.

Goal Worksheet

Complete this very important step to identify your short and long-term financial goals and establish a time frame for achieving them.

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Fritter Finder

Carry the Fritter Finder with you and track where you spend your money.

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Periodic Expense Worksheet

Plan for major expenses that occur throughout the year on an irregular basis.

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Personal Cash Flow Statement

Watch your budget closely with this paycheck-by-paycheck planner.

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Simple Steps to Save Money

Find numerous ideas for saving more money.

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Checkbook Balance Form

Use this form to help balance your checking account.

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Please note that PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. You can download it here for free. XLS files are Excel Spreadsheets that have formulas to calculate certain numbers. These require Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software like Open Office, which is free.


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