The Latest Trend in Marriage: Microweddings

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One of the latest trends to save money counters one of the largest expenses that many endure, getting married. More and more couples have been engaging in what is known as Microweddings. Microweddings are the newest take on weddings that save money and resources, without having to elope in Atlantic City.

Microweddings start by chopping down the wedding invite list to the people who truly matter the most. Typically, the invite list ranges from 5-50 guests. From there, savings on wedding expenses will trickle down to other categories. This allows you to cast a wider net of opportunities. Having these opportunities will allow you to benefit in a myriad of ways.

Relief of Wedding Planning Stress

Microweddings allow you to cut down on the stress of deciding on each individual who receives an invite. Now, you don’t have to worry if your 2nd cousin you talked to once feels betrayed by no invite. After your guest list has been assembled, you have created access to more options on savings, meals, locations, venues, festivities, etc.


The smaller the guest list, the more money you will save. Having fewer guests allows your savings to snowball when considering other aspects of your wedding. Fewer guest = less food and drinks to pay for. Fewer guests = smaller venue. Fewer guests = fewer invitations to send out. The list goes on. Having access to the money that was otherwise planning to be spent creates boundless opportunities that would not have been available.

With that extra money you saved from splurging on an extravagant wedding, you have unlimited options. Here are just a few routes you can go with your savings.

  1. Put that money you saved from the wedding into a savings account and let it grow over time. Maybe you are planning on buying a home or starting a family. You can allow the money you’ve saved to ease the many expenses endured over your life after the wedding and build that safety cushion.
  1. Plan a holiday. Maybe it’s your honeymoon that originally had to be delayed. Possibly an international trip that you never had access to. The microwedding gives you those opportunities.
  1. The savings created can provide you access to an aspect of your wedding that you’ve always wanted. Whether a destination wedding, band, or another option, you may now have that ability to afford your dream wedding.

Microweddings create an affordable and memorable wedding experience that otherwise may not be available. Thinking outside the box, easing the stress of wedding planning, all while having the wedding of your dreams. Most importantly, microweddings save you money that you can utilize in a variety of ways.


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