The Hot List-8 Memorable but Budget Friendly Ideas for Valentine's Day

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Who said it was necessary to spend a lot of money to show you care or to express your love on Valentine’s Day or a day like Sweetest Day? We all know that unhealthy financial habits occur when you have an endless list of wants, but a limited amount of resources.  Here are 8 memorable, budget-friendly ideas for Valentine’s Day that will help you to show you care without breaking the bank.

  1. Do a chore(s) – Do the dishes, give a back massage, run a warm bubble bath for your Valentine. Your sweetheart will appreciate you doing the chore before you are asked, and it won’t cost you a dime! Not even on Sweetest Day!
  2. Make something by hand- DIY gifts are a labor of love, and can be a low cost way to say “I love you.” Make sweets or bake special treats at home for friends and loved ones, and make something extra special for your sweetheart. Just keep your sweetheart, and budget in mind when deciding on the gift and when making it!
  3. Place love notes where your sweetheart will find them – Place love notes or paper hearts and such where they will find them on Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day. Use colorful construction type paper to cut out heart shapes, and then write romantic or thoughtful words on each heart. This is a terrific idea that will help you to show you care without going over your budget.
  4. Make a Valentine’s Day Card- Make a Valentine’s card for your sweetheart. It is personal, inexpensive, and you can make it as adorable or romantic as you would like!
  5. Go out for dessert only – Consider going out for dessert instead of dinner at your favorite restaurant to save money on Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day. If dessert is not your idea of a romantic meal, consider going out for breakfast or lunch instead.
  6. Take a picture as a couple and have it placed on a keepsake. Take a picture as a couple and have it placed on a keepsake such as a key chain, mug, or have it framed! This is meaningful for not only your valentine, but you as well!
  7. Ask your employer for entertainment discounts. Ask your employer or credit union if they offer entertainment discounts. Also look into free or low cost entertainment. Check into free community activities such as free art museum visits and free concerts on Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day!
  8. Give the gift of time– Enjoying your Valentine’s Day or a special day like Sweetest Day shouldn’t cost a fortune, and should be enjoyed by everyone involved. Give your sweetheart the gift of your undivided attention. Spend the day together with your phones turned off and do something that the both of you enjoy!

We all know the decisions you make today, may affect your ability to get credit in the future.  So resist the temptation to charge things that you can’t make payment on when the payment is due. Instead, use these tips to enjoy your Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day with your loved ones without going over budget, without charging things you can’t pay for as scheduled, and without negatively impacting your credit score. Valentine’s Day is about letting the people you love know how you feel and creating new memories.  So, go ahead and enjoy your happy budget-friendly Valentine’s Day while staying within your budget. Happy Valentine’s Day!
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