Student Loan Counseling

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Student Loan debt has surpassed our nations credit card debt and is second only to mortgage debt.
Changes have been made to help students understand the financial obligations they commit to by using financial aid and life after graduation dealing with repayment. There are several types of required counseling…
Entrance Counseling:
Required when requesting your first Direct Subsidized
or Unsubsidized loan or your first Direct PLUS loan.
PLUS Counseling:
Required when you have been notified that you have adverse credit history and have obtained an endorser or provided sufficient documentation stating that there were extenuating circumstances that explain the adverse information.
Exit Counseling:
Required when you graduate, leave school, or drop below a half-time enrollment.
The counseling is meant to prepare you for loan repayment.
There is also additional counseling that is not required but beneficial in helping you understand your loans and manage your finances…
Financial Awareness Counseling:
Helps you understand financial aid and manage your finances.
You can access more information and complete these sessions at:
Apprisen has long sensed the need for more education when it comes to student loans and therefore we offer Student Loan Counseling for all graduates dealing with repayment or students in their final year of school who will soon be facing repayment.
Our Student Loan Education Session  examines your financial situation and helps you get your finances on track. In this 60-90 minute session you will:

  • Determine how much you owe to each of your student loan servicers
  • Review your student loan payment options
  • Discover how to avoid default
  • Find out if loan consolidation is a good choice for you
  • Develop an action plan unique to your situation
  • Learn to create a spending plan
  • Review your credit report

Our Student Loan Coaching Program is for any student with student loan debt in their final year of school. This is a two year program that is designed to:

  • Help you understand the debt you owe
  • How to track spending
  • How to create a spending and savings plan
  • How will repayment effect your budget
  • The impact student loans have on your credit
  • The importance of building strong credit

Take control of the financial future you have invested so much in.

For more information about Student Loan Education please visit or call
1-800-355-2227 to schedule your session today.


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