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Apprisen provides high quality, financial education workshops to organizations and community groups.

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Help spread the wealth of financial health!

We present practical information to help people learn how to get and stay on track with their money. Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Budgeting Basics
  • Managing Student Loans
  • Credit Reports & Scores
  • Preparing for Homeownership
  • Managing Credit & Debt
  • Identity Theft & Scams
  • Retirement Planning

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If you are interested in bringing effective financial workshops to your group, a member of our professional education staff will work directly with you to identify the needs of your audience and customize a presentation based on your objectives.


  • Making Sense of Your Dollars

    Intro: What guides you in your financial journey? In this course, you will learn an easy 4 Step GPS method for understanding your money & building financial health & wealth. 


    • Understand the meaning of S.M.A.R.T Goals 
    • Identify your S.M.A.R.T Goals 
    • Learn the 4 Steps to navigating your financial destination 
    • Identify tips, tools & resources to keep you on track 


  • Understanding Credit Reports & Scores

    This course covers everything you need to know to take charge of your credit! You’ll learn how to access & understand your credit report/score & how to use that information to achieve your financial goals & positively impact your financial health. 


    • What a credit report & credit score is  
    • How to read a credit report  
    • How to dispute inaccurate information  
    • Learn ways to build your financial identity  
    • Learn how to avoid credit identity theft  
  • Managing Student Loans

    37 million Americans have outstanding student loans & 14% are past due on at least one. Whether you are struggling to pay your loan, need assistance in keeping your loan current or determining which repayment option is best for you, this course is for you.  


    • Factors to consider before applying for a student loan 
    • How to create a spending plan for student loan repayment 
    • Understand repayment options for federal & private student loans  
    • Steps to take to avoid default 
  • Homebuyer Basics

    Apprisen wants to help you achieve your dreams by giving you the tools & information you need to own your first home. This high-level overview will get you started on the right path to homeownership. 


    • The pros & cons of homeownership vs. renting 
    • How to prepare financially for the mortgage application  
    • How a mortgage works & how the lender determines your affordability 
    • Which mortgage options are best for you 
  • Financial Foundations

    The workshop provides the building blocks for a healthy financial life. We’ll cover the key things you need to know to bank better, build a budget, understand your credit, & manage debt wisely. You’ll leave the knowledge you need to build a strong financial foundation for you & your family. 


    • Why financial goals are important & how to create SMART goals  
    • The elements of a spending plan 
    • Strategies to maintain, build,  & improve your financial identity 
  • Handling Credit & Debt Wisely

    In this online course we will cover basic information on managing credit, differentiating between debt that builds wealth & debt that doesn’t & steps to take when facing a significant financial dilemma. 


    • Why credit is an important tool for reaching financial goals 
    • How to manage debt to build a positive credit rating  
    • How to analyze loans & rates to make the best decision for your financial future 
    • How to tackle debt in the most effective & motivating ways  
  • Save Your Way to Your Best Life

    Your own home, a beach vacation, a new car. Imagine what your best life looks like. In this course we define the mindset, tools & strategies you need to save money, build wealth & reach your goals. 


    • Define what wealth means to you
    • Set a savings goal 
    • Learn strategies for saving 
    • Understand the power of compound interest
    • Identify different savings vehicles 
  • How To Teach Kids to Budget, Save & Build Credit 

    Set your kids up for financial success with this online course focused on practical tools & activities for helping your kids build a foundation of financial health. 


    • How to teach your children how to manage cash flow 
    • Teach your children the importance of saving & investing at an early age 
    • Teach your children how to build & maintain credit  
    • Teach your children the impact credit may have on their future  


  • Roadmap to Retirement

    This online course will provide a high-level overview of how your overall financial plan fits into your roadmap to retirement. Saving for retirement impacts your monthly spending plan & your monthly spending decisions impact your ability to save for retirement. 


    • Understand why it’s important to plan for retirement 
    • Gain an understanding of what savings tools & sources of income are available for retirement 
    • Where to go for retirement guidance 


  • Unmasking Identity Theft & Fraud

    Identity Theft & Fraud is prevalent, but you don’t have to become the next victim.  In this online course you will learn Apprisen’s 4-D approach to combat ID Theft & Fraud through Discover, Deter, Detect & Defend.  


    • How does ID theft occur?  
    • How to identity thieves use your information?  
    • What precautions should you take to prevent ID theft?  
    • What should you do if your ID has been stolen?  
    • How can you protect your children’s identity? 
  • Bank Better

    Take a second to think about some of the most important relationships in your life. Did your bank come to mind? In this workshop, we’ll cover why a healthy relationship with a financial institution is a cornerstone of your financial health & the steps you need to take to build a relationship that works for you.  


    • Benefits of a banking relationship 
    • What to look for in a healthy banking relationship 
    • Tips for opening & managing your account
  • Budget Bites

    Groceries can be one the biggest budget busters! Grocery stores are designed to encourage you to spend more & visit often. In this session, you’ll learn how to avoid common marketing traps at the grocery store, shop smarter & save money. In addition, we’ll share tips for effective meal planning (a huge money & time saver) & community/online resources to help you boost your grocery budget.  


    • Top 5 ways to save money at the grocery 
    • How to create a shopping list you can stick to 
    • Tips & tricks for effective meal planning 

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