Savings Tips: Spring Break Travel Edition

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March, the first month of spring… or as I like to call it the month of Spring Break! Whether you are a college kid taking a trip with friends, or you’re a family heading somewhere for some much needed relaxation time, I have got you covered! Most people think that traveling means you have to spend the big bucks, whether that is on flights, hotels, or just activities while you’re on vacation. That’s not true! Here are some cheap ways that you can enjoy Spring Break but still make sure that you are saving up for that summer vacay!
Staycations: In Nashville, where I’m from, staycations are becoming huge! Some people even prefer them over going out of town! Book one of the deals at a cute local hotel, and head there for the weekend. This can help you explore your own city, while still feeling like you are somewhere else. Another good idea for a staycation is booking a spa day and treating yourself to some rest & relaxation. If you’re with your family, head somewhere that you don’t typically go like a museum or park. This can help you save money & the family will be excited to get out of the house and do something fun. Look for Groupons to places you haven’t been! You might just find your new favorite spot.
Driving to your Destination/Staying with friends: These are going to be two of the biggest ways to save money if you want to travel out of town! If you decide to drive instead of fly, you will be saving the BIG BUCKS on transportation. You can save $200-$300 dollars by going this route. If you are going to a town that you have friends in, consider asking them if you can stay with them. Not only will you have more fun & reconnect with your pals, but you will save some serious cash that would otherwise go towards a hotel.
Weekday Getaway: Weekday getaways can be a great way to get out and experience that vacation feeling, but not spend tons of money! You will get to explore the city (or relax if that’s what you’re looking for). If you decide to go this route, look into booking on off days of the week such as flying in on a Tuesday and leaving on a Thursday. This will be the way that you can save the most. Another perk is that popular spots like museums or historic landmarks will be less crowded & cheaper to visit!
Picking the cheaper destinations: Pick a destination that is in the off season! This will let you explore the city for a fraction of the price and people as well. Good ideas would be a ski destination in the spring/summer or visiting the beach in the fall/winter. If you do want to do something in season, check for travel deals online or look at staying at a small town near where you want to travel to!
No matter what kind of spring break you choose to take, spending time with friends and family is going to be what rejuvenates you! Take those couple of days off to really treat yourself and make it an experience that you’re going to keep thinking about for years to come!

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