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Apprisen is a non-profit organization committed to your financial well-being. For over 65 years, we’ve been helping, empowering, & motivating people along their financial journey.

Apprisen has partnered with the initiative to provide Power of Home clients with access to a suite of services to make the most of your money, help build credit & feel secure in your homeownership journey. Check out the list of eligible services below.

Submit your information below & a certified Apprisen Financial Specialist will contact you to help you get started.

Apprisen will deliver the following services for Power of Home clients either in person or virtually:

  • Comprehensive Financial Review: In this session, the Financial Specialist completes a budget review & debt analysis. The Financial Specialist will encourage & consumer to determine their financial goals & will provide suggestions, based on an analysis of their budget. The consumer will receive a plan of action, outlining their income, expenses, & debts, with recommended solutions to help improve their financial concerns & financial stability.
  • Foreclosure Prevention Services: Apprisen offers confidential counseling to help homeowners facing the challenge of mortgage delinquency to deal with their situation. Whether homeowners are just beginning to get behind or seriously delinquent, trained housing counselors help homeowners assess their financial situation. Apprisen will help rework their budget & contact their lender if necessary, to develop a plan to address the mortgage delinquency.
  • Credit Health Education: A tri-merge credit report, including all 3 credit scores will be pulled & reviewed with the consumer in this session to enable a better understanding of the personal bureau reports. The consumer will learn the steps to dispute any inaccuracies on the report & identify ID theft issues. The consumer will also learn how to read & understand a credit report.
  • Financial Health Plan: This comprehensive session provides an overall view of the consumer’s current financial health & focuses on helping homeowners achieve financial goals, establish a cash-flow budget, & develop better spending habits/behaviors. A Financial Specialist will analyze their financial situation & help create a personalized financial strategy to increase their financial health & wealth.
  • Financial Coaching: The Apprisen Financial Coaching Program is a series of holistic coaching sessions over a 12-month period. The coachee will set personalized financial goals & create an action plan for achieving them. They will review their credit reports/scores with the coach, learn how to address issues & identify ways to strengthen their credit. Also, they will receive access to free financial tools via webinars, social media & Money Minute blog articles.Employer Financial Coaching Programs also available to help employees with financial stress, productivity, & work/life balance. Fees based on local partnerships.

If you wish to speak to an Apprisen Financial Specialist to learn more about the services, contact us at 1-800-278-8811.

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