Wedding Season Money-Saving Tips: Wedding Party & Guests

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Weddings- love them or not, it can seem like its always wedding season. Over the years, fall has taken over the spring/summer wedding season. Fall is now the preferred time to get married. Although each wedding is different, there are commonalities. Usually there is at least one person standing with the couple, food, music, cake, the venue, and guests.

In this blog, I’ll share some tips to help you save money during wedding season if you are in the wedding party or a guest.

Tip 1: Set Up a Realistic Budget

This is important if you are in the wedding party or a guest. The spending plan includes the expenses you’ll have. In addition, to what your expenses will be, consider what you can realistically spend. How much can you save monthly? How long do you have to save to cover the wedding expenses? After you account for what you can spend/save to be part of someone’s special day, it opens possibilities without breaking your bank account or taking on new debts.

💡 For the wedding party-Consider adding the the following expenses to your budget: Attire (includes the outfit, shoes, accessories, and alterations), travel and lodging, hair and make-up, bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding shower, transportation costs, wedding party contributions, and wedding gift.

💡 For guests-Consider the following expenses: Attire, the wedding gift, travel and lodging, transportation, childcare, pre-wedding events, and gratuities (tips for hairstylists/makeup artists, etc).

Tip 2: Enjoy What You Have

Start by figuring out what you can DIY or reuse to reduce your expenses. As a member of the wedding party or a guest, a big category is the beauty piece of a wedding. Doing your own hair, makeup, nails, can easily put over $100 back into your budget.

💡 For the wedding party-Consider renting your attire for the big day. Or work with the bride or groom and discuss picking out your own dress or suit. This is helpful for personal style and your pocketbook. You can tailor it to what your needs are.

💡 For guests-Save money by wearing something you already own. While purchasing new clothes for special occasions can be fun, it’s important to recognize that such purchases are frequently unnecessary. Do you have gem in your closet that you love and feel great in? That can be a great option.

Tip 3: Save on Gifts

First, gifts also need to be factored into your saving plan. This expense can add up quickly in your budget.

💡  For the wedding party-Giving your time can be a more meaningful gift than something off the couple’s list. Planning a wedding is no small task, so taking time to help with pre-wedding needs is a win-win for you, the couple, and your spending plan.

💡 For guests-Are you going in a group? That lends itself to getting a gift from the group and lessening the gift cost for everyone. Also, shop their gift list early so you have more options. And cash or a gift card is never a bad idea either.

All things considered,  if you are in the wedding party or a guest, a wedding doesn’t need to bust your budget. By making a detailed spending plan at the beginning you will be prepared. Preparation helps reduce any wedding stress and makes the celebration more enjoyable for you.

Enjoy the wedding season!

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