Unlocking Healthcare Cost Savings: Preventative Care

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“Take time/care for yourself.” The statement seems to be a recurring one for many of us. I know it is for me. Everyone interprets the meaning in their own way. Plus taking care or time for yourself is different for every person. Today, I want to focus on one piece of self-care: your health. More specifically, how taking care of your physical health can help with your finances. The topics seem separate, surprisingly they are very intertwined. Below are tips that can lead to healthcare cost savings.

Preventative Healthcare Cost Savings

Prioritize regular annual exams and health screenings with your doctor; they hold significant importance. These visits ensure your well-being, and the best part is that most are covered by insurance at no additional cost to you.

If a health issue is found, treatment can start sooner. It can be more cost-friendly, since treatment can cost less in the earlier stages of care.

Preventative care is not only regular annual exams, but it  includes seeing your doctor when you don’t feel well. For example, if you have flu symptoms make an appointment with your regular doctor. There may be a co-pay, however that’s more affordable than going to the hospital for treatment if your symptoms worsen.

Maintain the Life You Have

Staying on top of your health allows for better quality of life. It gives you freedom to do what you want instead of  being limited by a short or long term health issue. This includes gaining financial freedom as well. Maintaining good health leads to a more stable income. A steady income facilitates bill payments, reduces debts, and allows savings for emergency and growth. That ultimately minimizes stress–a vital component of overall well-being.

Plan Ahead

By proactively considering preventative health care, you can effectively plan your finances and avoid incurring debt due to health costs. Take these essential steps to prepare for anticipated health needs:

  • Set up or save funds on FSA/HSA account to cover some of the expenses
  • Start a new savings bucket to cover the upcoming expenses
  • Save your PTO/Vacation

In conclusion, health and finances are deeply connected. By checking your physical health regularly, you can reduce health stress and financial stress at the same time. Take care of yourself! It will help you feel better in all aspects of your life.

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