Side Gigs in a Post COVID-19 Economy

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Recently, I found myself “people watching” while waiting in the pick-up line to get my groceries.  It’s something I look forward to on a weekly basis now that it’s my only form of social interaction since COVID-19 has been hanging around.  As I sat there and watched patrons moving about…some with masks…. some without, I noticed a delivery driver whip into the fire lane, hop out with an insulated bag and eagerly make his way into the front entrance.  Soon he returned and sped off into a different direction I’m assuming to his next delivery.  Watching him sparked a tinge of curiosity in the space between my ears. I found myself wondering if his hustle felt more like a belly buster in waterless pool since the pandemic.  Had he experienced a loss of income, like many who are in traditional jobs? 

Many only associate gig income, or side hustle, as I like to call it, with Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and Airbnb. Fact, gig income encompasses many different talents and skill sets like freelance, independent and contract workers, which are on a trajectory to outnumber traditional employees in 2021! Gig income is very lucrative, providing a plush lifestyle with tons of flexibility for many. For somegig benefits and income may not be steady enough to cover basic expenses, forcing people to have several gigs at a time, which brings me to this. What can one do if faced with a loss of income?  You can turn that hustle into a Whip/Nae Nae and keep moving to the beat, albeit a different beat, but you’re still moving!  


With schools on summer break and the uncertainty of classroom vs virtual learning this Fall, you can hone-in on your tutoring skills.  Consider connecting with your local school corporations and universities for tutoring opportunities.  Possibly consider running your own ad on social media or connect with virtual tutors such as Varsity Tutors to turn your skills into dollar bills! 


Consider hobbies you enjoy doing.  Sewing? Crafts? Woodworking?  Turn those hobbies into income through e-commerce.  If sewing is your thing, many people are turning to Etsy and eBay to buy face masks.  For a couple of dollars and a few minutes of your time, you could be whipping out masks and making some cash! 


Speaking from experience, every parent needs and deserves a break from their littles occasionally.  Add COVID-19 to the mix, sprinkle in several virtual learning days, while trying to work from home, and you have the perfect recipe for an upside-down cake waiting to break out of the pan!  Seize the opportunity to utilize your babysitting skills while earning some extra dough and giving parents a break.  It’s a total win-win!  

Gaming Coach

Yes, it’s a real gig!  Parents with idle littles and those out of work are driving up the demand for gaming lessons. According to a recent Bloomberg article, video game-coaching has ramped up during lockdown to a staggering $1 Billion dollars., an online marketplace, saw a 43% jump in the number of video-game coaching session between Jan-March.   If you’re a video enthusiast, it’s time to get your “game on”!  

If you have experienced a loss of income, from a side hustle or a traditional job, connect with Apprisen for an instant free confidential financial review and custom action plan, in as little as 30 minutes!*




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