New Normal: Gift-Giving in 2020

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The holiday season has arrived! And it’s my favorite time of the year. I always enjoy finding the perfect gift for my family and friends. However, gift-giving in 2020 has changed due to the “New Normal” we’re living in. Not only have I changed the way I shop (in-store & online), I’ve had to rethink the type of gifts I am giving.

Here are some gift-giving ideas for the holidays this year:

DIY Gifts

Since more holiday celebrations are being done via Zoom, consider limiting gift purchases to those in your immediate family and those you will share a Zoom holiday with. And for the gifts themselves, why not send a gift that you made instead of purchasing it. Many of us have taken up a new hobby this year and the holidays are a wonderful way to share it. Did you start baking? Knitting? In our family, a handmade gift is always appreciated. It can also help you save money by using what you already have vs. spending money on gifts.

Gifting An Experience

Another gift idea may be to give an experience instead of an actual gift. Even though a physical experience may not be possible, there are lots of virtual places to go, often at a reduced price. Consider gifting tickets to a virtual theater production.

Gifts With Meaning

Since our perspectives have changed a little this year, consider gifts that hold more meaning than gifts in years past. Picking a gift that is meaningful doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. For example, a personalized holiday ornament is budget-friendly and thoughtful. Also, having a few meaningful gifts can be just as wonderful than more gifts with fewer thought behind them.

We at Apprisen, wish you a wonderful holiday season and are always available to offer you support and helpful tips along the way. You can keep in touch with us through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube.

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