Last-Minute Saving Tips for Thanksgiving 2022

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This year has seen substantial rises in food costs due to inflation, and Thanksgiving will be no exception.  Here are a few saving tips to keep your costs low this Thanksgiving:

Share the Load

  • Potluck-style dinners are a great way to help offset some of the cost of preparing a full Thanksgiving dinner by yourself. By asking guests to bring their favorite dish, it will save you money on hosting costs. This also ensures that a wide variety of foods are available to everyone and that no one has to sacrifice their favorite dish.
  • Don’t buy costly specialty kitchen gadgets and pans that can only be used once a year. Ask around with family and friends to see if anything may be available to borrow instead.  Chances are, you’ll be able to find what you need without breaking the bank.

Change It Up

  • Instead of buying a full traditional Thanksgiving turkey, consider other alternatives. Turkey legs, wings, and breasts can be cheaper than the full bird.  You may also consider a roast chicken or ham in place of a turkey.
  • Consider a meatless Thanksgiving. There are plenty of hearty meals that can be prepared without meat, which substantially reduces cost.  Plus, you’ll better accommodate friends and family members who may be vegetarian or vegan.

Shop Smart

  • Before going to the grocery store, take a look at your pantry and freezer. You may already have some of the ingredients you need.  You may also find odds and ends that could be transformed into a side dish.  This helps you to use food before it expires in addition to saving money.
  • Shop the week before Thanksgiving on a Tuesday through Thursday when foot traffic is lighter. Shopping hits a peak the two Sundays before Thanksgiving so avoid those days if you can.  You can also use grocery pickup to minimize the amount of time spent waiting in crowded stores. This also prevents you from impulsively buying an item that’s not in your shopping list.

With these saving tips, you can make Thanksgiving just as fun and festive as it has been in years past without spending beyond your means.  The key is to reach out to others and pool your resources.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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