Four Advantages of Homebuyer Education

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Preparing to buy your first home is extremely exciting!  But it can also be daunting.  Whether you love the research and learning before leaping into this new purchase, or you don’t know where to start, a first-time homebuyer education course could be helpful.  A course can give you the information and tools you need to chart a course to homeownership.

Below are four advantages of homebuyer education that can enhance your home buying journey.


We are biologically coded to have a fear of the unknown.  And when that’s not knowing what to expect with a big step – whether it’s buying a house, changing a relationship, or changing jobs – we tend to put off making the decision.

With a course, you learn what to expect every step of the way, from pre-approval to choosing a home to closing to moving in and starting payments.  By breaking it into manageable steps and knowing what’s going on with each part of the process, you can move forward and be assured of how that step will lead to the next.

Financial Management

Whether you’ve been keeping spreadsheets on your expenses forever, or are afraid to check your credit score, we can all benefit from a financial fitness check-up.  Learning about how to manage the budget and improve credit scores can help you no matter where you are with your finances.  A first-time homebuyer course can help provide lots of tools and best practices for how to keep on top of your money.  And that’s a skill that you can take with you into your new home and beyond!

Avoiding Pitfalls

There are a few common mistakes that new homebuyers make with regard to choosing a mortgage and maintaining good credit.  (Hint for one of them:  There’s a big difference between gross and net income!)  A course can walk you through these issues so that you know not only the bottom line of what to avoid, but also why and how.   That way, you’re ready to make the best decisions possible for your unique financial situation.

Setting You Up For Success

With the tools and resources provided, you can arm yourself with knowledge about what will work for you.  By foreknowing your numbers and options, you also know what questions to ask of a lender and realtor.  You already know that buying a house takes a small team of professionals each doing their part. You’ll learn  how to choose those partners that best meet your needs.

Interested in taking the next step?  If you want a user-friendly, on-demand option , check out Apprisen’s online course here. If you have questions, you’re always welcome to reach out to us at (800) 355-2227 or online at We look forward to partnering with you so you can maximize the advantages of homebuyer education!

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