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We are almost 2 years into the pandemic. Work, family, health, finances, they are more intertwined than ever. People’s needs and expectations in everyday life are totally different. In addition, employee needs have changed in the workplace. As a result, employees are looking at employers with a new perspective.

The Employee Financial Wellness Trend

Employee financial wellness is a hot topic and employers are adjusting to the trend. It covers topics from financial stress relief to family care. Furthermore, it helps employers assist their employees in areas that matter most to the individual.

With that said, the pandemic showed there’s a need for more resources to help improve financial well-being. In the below, I will be covering a few ways how employers can help their employees improve their financial health through employee financial wellness resources.

1. Provide Financial Wellness Resources

Employees are stressed and need easily accessible financial education resources. You can play a vital role in the financial health of your employees by providing them reliable resources. This saves your employees time to access trustworthy information. You can make the resources available via your company platform(s) or via a 3rd party. This is an easy way to help your team members boost their financial education.

2. Access to Online Financial Education

Digital financial education platforms can also foster employee wellness. The programs are often on-demand, allowing the employee to use at their convenience. In addition, this tool allows your team members to conveniently engage in financial education. Check out Apprisen’s online financial education platform called IRISConnectED. The courses cover a variety of topics like: budgeting, managing debt wisely, homebuyer basics, and more.

3. Partner With a Trustworthy Partner

Next, by partnering with a trustworthy organization, your employees have access to expert guidance. We strongly recommend partnering with an organization that can build a program custom to your needs. The programs should provide support and accountability from an expert to help reach financial goals.

4. Employee Benefit Workshops

In addition, employee benefit workshops are a great money conversation starter. A workshop can help explain your financial benefit programs (e.g. 401k, HSA, live insurance coverage) prior to the enrollment period. This can be informative and empowering to your team members. The workshop topics can range from how to enroll to the benefits of enrolling.


In conclusion, above are employee financial wellness resources you can offer your team members to help boost their financial health and wellness. As a result, you can check out Apprisen’s affordable and effective employee financial wellness programs. For instance, our clients saved a total of $120,622 (combined) towards their financial goals in 2021!

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