Don’t Sacrifice Your 2021 Financial Goals on “Revenge Travel”

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Are you ticked off at COVID for ruining your 2020 vacation plans?  You aren’t alone!  2021 is the year many of us are planning to extend our trips away from home by several weeks as we get “revenge” on the year 2020–in other words, revenge travel.  Many travelers are also opting for unusually luxurious and lavish trips.  Pent-up demand also means bigger crowds and higher prices.  Have you considered staying closer to home or taking a non-traditional vacation?

Rediscover Your Local Favorites

Were your favorite local recreation spots shut down in 2020?  This may be the time to reacquaint yourself with the local hot spots.  Day trips to museums, theme parks, and national forests may be the cure for your cabin fever.  Don’t forget local restaurants and shopping.  Spending money in your local community will help your friends and neighbors who suffered financial strain in 2020.  An alternative to keeping it local, may include intermediate travel on the open road.

#Vanlife anyone?

Many travelers longing for adventure are turning to RVs or camper vans for a socially distanced road trip.  Just grab a van and hit the open road.  You won’t have a fixed schedule or the worry of full-occupancy hotels.  You will also have the added benefit of saving money on hotel rooms and tourist restaurants.  Camper vans come complete with a compact kitchen and bed.

Plan Your Dream Vacation for 2022

Did you know that planning and anticipating your trip may make you happier than actually taking it? According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Research in Quality of Life, this is the case. Maybe it is time to slow down and patiently plan your dream vacation for 2022.  You may be able to score a longer, more luxurious, less crowded vacation AND stay on track with your 2021 financial goals vs. opting for revenge travel this Summer.

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