Apprisen 2021 Year In Review

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The 2021 Apprisen Year in Review

2021 was a big year for all of us.  Our world saw major changes: some good, some not-so-good.  Through it all, Apprisen was there for our clients to provide assistance and support in their journeys towards improved financial health.  Our team evaluated the data and the 2021 Apprisen year in review reveals our clients had an impressive year. Below is an overview of what our clients accomplished in 2021.

Our Local Communities

We provided financial education to more than 30,000 people through our outreach efforts.  Financial education equips you to manage your money more effectively and gives you greater control over your finances. Consequently, we’re thrilled we, along with our partners, were able to empower local communities. Bravo to these individuals who took the time to become financially savvy.

Debt Management Clients

Addressing debt is a crucial part of a healthy financial life.  Knowing there is a solid plan in place helps to reduce financial stress, while reduced interest rates and payments free up funds for establishing and adding to emergency savings or paying down the debt more quickly. Therefore, we celebrate the accomplishments are debt management clients achieved last year. While we have program participants in almost every state, the top states with active debt management program (“DMP”) participants were:

  1. Ohio
  2. Kentucky
  3. Indiana
  4. Missouri
  5. Washington

Our top 5 cities with DMP graduates were:

  1. Columbus
  2. Indianapolis
  3. Cincinnati
  4. Cleveland
  5. Louisville

Our debt management program participants paid off a whopping $29,372,233 worth of debt in 2021!  Congratulations!

Financial Coaching Clients

Likewise, we have other financial wellness services that help clients with other financial goals. Last year, we supported 150 financial coaching clients as they made the journey towards better financial health.  Most of our financial coaching clients set the goal to increase savings.  Having savings is extremely important as it protects from emergencies and prevents having to use credit for unexpected expenses.  Combined, our financial coaching clients saved a total of $120,622 towards their financial goals!  These included establishing an emergency fund and saving for a house.

Here’s to a safe and productive 2022!

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