3 Ways to Travel Well on a Budget

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The first official day of Summer is around the corner! And if you’re like me, you’re ready for a summer trip. In this blog, I’m going to review some tips and tricks to have an enjoyable trip and do so while on a budget. Traveling on a budget may seem overwhelming but the rewards will be more than just the money you save. Below are some ways to travel on a budget:

1.  Plan Like a Pro

The major component when traveling on a budget is planning. Start with the large parts of the trip and then work through to the smaller details. For example, decide where and when you want to go? Going during the destinations off-season will be cheaper than peak season. First, this can reduce expenses to get there and places to stay and gives you more options on things to do when you arrive.

Second, when booking your trip look into vacation packages versus purchasing each part separately. Sometimes, when you book a room, flight, or car together, it can cost less. By reviewing all parts of your trip, you can prioritize what areas are worth putting more money towards.  To help break it down even more, consider using a travel budgeting calculator. This is a key step to ensure you travel on a budget.

2. Research For Discounts

Next researching discounts can be a big money saver once you decide where you want to go. If you are going to a tourist destination, they may offer a discount card for multiple attractions. Also, look for free things to do too. In the Summer, you can often find local events or tours you can attend at no charge.

Look into discount travel websites as well to find the overall best deals on airlines, hotels, and transportation. Depending on your budget and traveling style, look at non-traditional websites that cater to the “Sharing Economy” like AirBnb, EatWith ort Turo. These websites will connect you with individuals offering services instead of companies.

3. Have Budget-Friendly Meals

Whether it’s a free breakfast at the hotel or using a local coupon book for discounted meals, you can save on food costs. Visit a local supermarket when you arrive, grab some groceries & enjoy a park/beach picnic. Another way to save is to opt to dine at cafes instead of formal dining restaurants.

Regardless of how much your budget is by planning ahead you can focus what’s most important on your trip. Want help with a custom cash-flow budget, savings projection plan for your financial goals (i.e. saving for a vacation), & an action plan that can help you develop healthy financial skills to support your financial goals? Check out our Financial Health Plan . It’s $20 off with promo code DADGRAD20. Limited time only.

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