Eight Tips for Low Cost Healthy Eating

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One of the top questions I’m asked by clients is “how do I save on food cost?” This is tricky, as this is neither an expense that can simply be eliminated nor do you want to sacrifice quality. It’s important to note that every family is different and our grocery bills will vary. However, when grocery bills take up such a large portion of our budgets, there is no room for any excuses! With proper planning, you can remain frugal as well as healthy.
Every purchase should be a conscious decision. Here are eight tips for a mindful trip to the grocery:

  1. Comparison shop between the different grocery stores in your area. Keep in mind it may be worthwhile to shop at multiple stores to take advantage of price differences.
  2. Plan out your meals for the week and do not stray from your list. Part of this stems from remembering to not shop hungry!
  3. Be cautious of coupons- they are not always the best deal. Be sure to first compare the price per ounce of other items compared to the price per ounce for the product with the coupon. Typically coupons are of the most use when they can be coupled with a preexisting sale on that product. In addition to this, don’t buy food you don’t like simply because it is on sale or because you have a coupon.  It will likely go to waste.
  4. Consider buying only raw ingredients instead of pre-made products. A majority of the time you can make food items on your own. Typically this is cheaper as well as healthier!  I also recommend buying in bulk for staple items you use often.
  5. Take a hard look at your beverage selections. Are you purchasing sodas and pricey juices?  How much are you spending on alcohol? Likely, you can make big cuts in this area.
  6. Have emergency freezer meals at all times. This is key to staying on track with your keeping dining out expenses low!  On those days you are too busy to cook, you have something quick and easy to throw in the oven.
  7. Go shopping when you have plenty of time set aside. Make sure you have the time to comparison shop for the items on your list.
  8. Lastly, don’t buy too much at the store. Avoid wasting food by deliberately planning each meal for the week. Purchase foods that will make good leftovers or that can be added to other dishes such as casseroles.

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