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Warning Signs of Debt Trouble

 Do any of these warning signs sound familiar?

  • Paying your bills on time, but running out of cash between paychecks.
  • Borrowing money to pay off other debts.
  • Spending more than 20 percent of your net income on credit card bills.
  • Using your credit card to pay for necessities because you don’t have cash.
  • Paying only the minimum payment on your credit cards.
  • Getting turned down for a consolidation loan because your debt ratio is too high.
  • Refinancing a loan to reduce your monthly payment.
  • Needing a co-signer because you’re a high credit risk.
  • Financing your vehicle for six or more years.
  • Consolidating your loans but not closing the accounts.
  • Carrying more than four credit cards. There is no reason to have more than two.
  • Hiding purchases from your family and or fighting with your spouse about how to deal with financial issues. Financial and domestic problems go hand in hand.
  • Depending on parents and friends to bail you out.

If you have two or more of these warning signs, you should seek help immediately. If you think you’re having financial problems, you probably are. The sooner you take action, the easier the problems are to solve. Apprisen has been helping people with their money problems for over 50 years. Call us at 800.355.2227 or visit us on the web at for more information.


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