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Fun Holiday Gift Exchanges


Holiday Gift Exchange 

We have all probably been to a holiday gift exchange where everyone draws a name and purchases a gift for the person whose name they drew. Or, maybe attended a white-elephant gift exchange where everyone gives strange or funny gifts that were found in attics or basements. But wouldn’t it be nice to change it up a bit this year? Here are some different variations of the classic gift exchange that you might want to try.


Alphabet Gift Exchange – Draw names as usual and then have everyone draw from a box a letter of the alphabet and purchase a gift that starts with that letter.

Around the World – Names of different countries are drawn from a box and the gift that is purchased must fit that country.

Choose Your Own Theme – All gifts must fit a certain theme. For example, if you choose “red”, all gifts needs to be predominantly red. 

Thrift Shop or Dollar Store Purchase – This is good for large groups who may not know each other well.

Spring Cleaning – Have people look around their house for a gift. Things like light bulbs, cocktail napkins, a screwdriver or whatever you can find as long as it’s actually something people would want.

ABC Gifts – The gift that is purchased must start with the letters of the person’s name they drew. For example, Richard Smith could receive a red shirt. 

Cake Walk Exchange - Place numbered paper stars or ornaments randomly around the floor. When a certain bell is rung or music played, everyone stands on a number. Draw a number and the person standing on the number drawn gets to choose a gift first.

Holiday Laughter Exchange - Place answers to Christmas jokes (do a search and you will be able to find a lot of cute holiday jokes online) on gifts. Give everyone a joke and they get the gift that has their answer on it.

Treasure Hunt Exchange - A fun way to distribute gifts is to have a treasure hunt. This works well if it is for a family party. Clues could be given to each person as to where their gift is hidden or have an actual hunt that leads from place to place.


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