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Do you need to improve your personal finances?

Apprisen wants to empower your financial future through the convenience of online learning. Our Listen and Learn…Online seminar series will give you the information you need on a wide variety of timely and important topics, delivered directly to your computer or mobile device. Each topic is delivered by one of our certified financial counselors in less than an hour. From basics like budgets and savings to more advanced topics such as credit reports and credit scores, we have you covered. That means you can take positive steps to improve your personal finances quickly and easily.

Private Group Webinars:

Apprisen can deliver a webinar to your educational or community group.
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Wednesday, October ​11th, 2017
Free Cost of Credit Webinar

Apprisen, in partnership with Chase, will help you ​learn more about your credit:
• How credit scores impact your life
• How life events impact your credit

2:​00​PM - 2:45PM ET
Register by clicking here.

 Understanding Credit Reports and Scores 042517  


Tuesday, October ​1​7th, 2017
Free Understanding Credit Reports and Scores Webinar Webinar

Apprisen, in partnership with Chase, will help you ​learn more about your credit:
• How to access your report
• What’s a credit report and credit score
• How does information get reported
• How you can dispute information on your report
• How your credit report and score can help you build a strong credit identity
• How knowledge of your credit report will help with ID theft prevention

1:​00​PM - 2:00PM ET

Register by clicking here.

Educational Videos:


Did you miss one of Apprisen’s Listen Learn… Online webinars? You are in luck. Now, you can view our past educational videos at your own convenience all by following this link.

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