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The First Step on Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Congratulations! You made a wise choice to take charge of your finances. Apprisen has helped over 1 million people improve their financial health. We’re your trusted partner on your journey to a debt-free future.

You Can Do It

The journey to a debt-free life is made of many small steps along the way. The experiences of our clients have taught us that the following “Steps for Success” are essential for making your goal a reality.

  • Stick to Your Budget: Track & prioritize your spending, reduce non-essentials in your budget & anticipate periodic expenses like car insurance or taxes.
  • Keep Your Financial Goals in Sight--Literally! Write them out & put them where you can see them every day. Staying focused will help you over any bumps along the way.
  • Balance Your Checkbook: Keep your financial records current & up-to-date to avoid any overdrafting fees, etc.
  • Set-Up My Apprisen AutoPay (AAP): It’s an easy payment process that can help you avoid missed or late payments & prevent additional creditor fees while building a good payment history through our program. Contact Apprisen client response at 800.355.2227 for more information on AAP.
  • Contact Apprisen Anytime: We can help you keep your Debt Management Plan on track. Contact us with any questions or concerns--we're here to help you successfully reach your goal of becoming debt-free. 
  • Carry Out Your Action Plan: This, along with your budget, is your personalized road map for the journey.
  • Involve Your Family: Working as a team can make your efforts a little easier. Everyone benefits from the skills & lessons learned.
  • Automate Savings: Even if it is just pocket change in a jar, small amounts add up & can help with unanticipated expenses.
  • Review Your Creditor Statements Monthly: Let us know about any unexpected fees/charges. Every 12 months, send copies of your most recent creditor statements (no older than 60 days) to Apprisen so we can review them & update our records.  This helps us keep the information on your accounts accurate & up-to-date.
  • Access Your Account Anywhere: View your account information 24/7 on our secure website View account, update balances, make deposits or contact us through our mobile app in iTunes and Google Play stores.

Creditor FAQs

What to Expect the First Year

The first 3 months:

Creditor Review

Your creditors are in the process of reviewing & agreeing to the proposals we sent them on your behalf.


You are learning to stick to the budget you & your Financial Specialist worked out. As a result, you’ll notice there is enough money for the necessities.

Life Without Credit

You are also learning to live without using credit. This may be the first time in a long time that your monthly balances are going down rather than going up.

In the Program for 6 months:

No Creditor Calls

When the phone rings now, it is probably someone you really want to talk to because your creditors have stopped calling every night.

Knowing Your "Wants" & "Needs"

You’re getting used to your budget & are learning the difference between “wants” & “needs.”

Apprisen Check-Up

Apprisen will contact you periodically throughout your program to make sure everything is on track.

At 12 Months:

Debt Progress

You are seeing progress with your debts. Don’t lose sight of the end goal – becoming debt free.

Budget Life

Let your budget become a way of life, learn from it & make adjustments as needed.

Curbing Impulse Shopping

Continue to control impulse spending.

Extra Payments

If your income increases, put some of the extra money towards your total debt. You may be able to finish sooner than you thought.

Creditor Statements

It’s time to send in your current creditor statements to Apprisen.

Stay Engaged in your Debt Management Plan (DMP):


  • Download the MyApprisen app to keep track of your debt journey, upload statements, and more.
      • iOS Version Download Here
      • Android Version Download Here
  • As you stick to your budget, consciously learn to live within your income.
  • Oftentimes, accounts are transferred from one creditor to another. If you receive correspondence regarding this, notify Apprisen immediately.
  • Making your DMP payment on time every month & sending in your creditors’ statements every 12 months will ensure a successful outcome.
  • The changes you’re making now will shape your life when you are finished with Apprisen; think about them so you can pass them on to your family/friends.
  • Apprisen will be here to answer your questions. You can meet with a financial specialist at any time to reevaluate your budget, check your credit report, or obtain housing counseling.

If you’re on Facebook & would like additional motivation, join the DMP Community Group.


  • How soon will my DMP start?

    As soon as we receive your signed paperwork & first deposit, we will activate your account & notify your creditors according to their requirements.

  • What are the creditor rights?

    Before you change your Apprisen DMP pull date, keep in mind the Creditor Rights: If creditors do not receive the full agreed upon payment every 30 days; or for some creditors, by their established due date each month; they have the right to remove the accounts from the program, apply late fees and/or over limit fees, increase the APR, and resume any type of collection activity such as letters, phone calls, and/or legal action. 

  • Will my creditors contact me while on the Debt Management Program?

    Creditors may continue to call you during the first three months of your program. Tell them you are an Apprisen client & refer them to us. If a creditor refuses to contact us &/or accept our proposed payment, please notify us. Make sure to get the name & number of the person who called.

  • What do I do with creditor correspondence?

    Review all correspondence from your creditors. Please forward copies of collection notices, legal correspondence, account number changes, or creditor address changes to our office immediately.

  • Can I pay a creditor directly while on the Debt Management Program?

    We maintain an accurate payment history for your creditors. Do not send money directly to your creditors unless you have discussed the situation with an Apprisen representative.

  • How soon do creditor concessions go in effect?

    Creditors typically begin making concessions on your account after three consecutive, on-time payments. These concessions may include one or more of the following: reducing the interest rate, bringing your account current, & stopping late fees &/or over-the-limit fees.

  • What about my creditor due dates?

    Your Apprisen due date may not coincide with your creditor’s due dates. It may be necessary for you to contact your creditors to change their monthly due date so you are not assessed a late fee every month.

  • What happens if I miss or submit a late payment

    Missing a monthly deposit, paying late, or not paying the full amount can seriously jeopardize your DMP. Creditors can do any of the following:

    • Drop you from Apprisen protected status
    • Resume interest &/or other fees permanently
    • Resume collection activity – including charge-off or legal action.

Account FAQs


  • Why do I need to provide recent statements to Apprisen?

    Please  provide your most recent statements every 12 months.  This allows us to ensure that there are no extra fees being charged and to make sure the interest rate is set appropriately. 

  • How can I provide statements/documents to Apprisen?

    To securely send Apprisen any documents pertaining to your account, click here to upload.

    You may also email these to, fax to 614-552-4800 or mail to 700 Taylor Road, Suite 190, Gahanna OH 43230. 

  • When are disbursements made?

    Apprisen disburses funds daily Monday through Friday except on our company holidays.

  • How are Apprisen AutoPay ("AAP") funds processed?

    Funds withdrawn from your checking or savings account using Apprisen AutoPay (AAP) are posted to your Apprisen account as they are received & are sent to your creditors in 5 business days (to allow time for funds to clear).

  • How do I know my AAP has been received?

    You will receive a mailed or email confirmation of your auto pay change after 4pm EST time.

  • How many changes can I make to my AAP?

    Apprisen can only do one-time changes for auto pay through our chat option. If you wish to permanently make changes to your auto pay, you will need to call our office at 1-800-355-2227 and speak with a representative.

  • How do I make a one-time payment?

    To make a one-time online payment, follow these steps:

    1. Click here
    2. If it’s your first time making an online payment, click “Create an Apprisen Username”
      • If you already created an account, login
    3. Then click “Make Payment”
    4. Follow the prompts
  • My username and password are not working on MyApprisen. What do I do?

    First, make sure you have validated your username and password via email. If not, you will need to do that first before trying to log in.

  • How do I validate my username and/or password?
    1. Go here to create your account
    2. Make sure the email address you use matches with your DMP account information
    3. You will immediately get a validation email. Click on the link provided within the email.
    4. You can also copy and paste the link to a browser.
    5. Enter your username and password and click “verify”.
  • I didn't receive a validation email for my username & password. What do I do?

    Check your spam or junk folder. If you didn’t receive the validation email, contact us at or connect with us via IRIS chatbot to request for your validation email to be resent.

  • What is the best browser to use to access my account on MyApprisen?

    It’s best to use Google Chrome.

  • Is the withdrawal date the same as the monthly due date?

    No, the monthly due date is the date that your payment will post to your account.

  • How are certified payments (money order or certified checks) processed?

    We post certified funds to your account the day after payment is received.

    • If the full monthly payment is received, it will be sent on the next disbursement date.
    • If a partial payment is received, payment will not be sent to your creditors until the full amount required is posted to your account or until the last disbursement date of the month
    • If you want a second full disbursement made in the same month, please indicate specific instructions with your payment.
  • How do I change the bank account associated with my DMP?

    To change your bank account, please have a voided check.  If you don’t have a voided check, you may complete a new Apprisen Auto Pay form with updated information or provide a letter from your bank with the account holder’s name, routing and account numbers.

    You may also email the request to, fax to 614-552-4800 or mail to 700 Taylor Road, Suite 190, Gahanna OH 43230. 

  • What if I have changes for my disbursement amount?

    It is important that we understand any changes you want made in disbursing your money. Please contact us with specific instructions by calling 800-355-2227. Changes can only be processed via the phone with a Financial Specialist as you need to provide verbal consent.

  • Can I get a payment history statement?

    Yes, Apprisen can send you a statement of your payment history to the address we have on file for you.  You may also log in to your account on our website: here.  If you don’t have an account, “Create a New Account”, follow the prompts to create a “Username” & password. Once you set the account, you’ll be able to access your account information, including your payment history statement. 

  • What if I want to pay off a creditor(s)?

    You have the option to pay off all of your creditors, or a specific creditor. An Apprisen representative will be more than happy to help you through the process of contacting the creditors, freezing the balance, and disbursing the funds. To request a payoff balance contact an Apprisen representative when you have funds available.

  • How do I change or cancel my pull date?

    You can change or cancel your pull date by calling us at 800-355-2227.  Please note that you will need to call before 1pm ET at least one business day prior to the scheduled pull date in order to process your request.  

  • What is the Extended Modification Solution (EMS)?

    The Extended Modification Solution (EMS) is to help clients continue their debt management plan through times of financial hardship. In these circumstances, certain creditors may agree to allow clients to make reduced payments toward the accounts, even though the accounts will continue to age (fall behind).  EMS is designed to be a short-term solution to assist clients who are experiencing an additional financial hardship, and help them get back on track and resume their original debt management plan payment arrangements. 

  • What's the final payment process?

    Making the final payment through Apprisen can be an important factor in creating a complete payment history on your account. If necessary, we will work with your creditors on your behalf to answer all questions & resolve any disputes. Your file with Apprisen & with your creditors will be recorded as a Successful Completion – a distinction that will be important as you rebuild your credit history.

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