DIY: Holiday Spirit Calendar

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I’m one of those holiday crazy people who waits until December first to put up the Christmas tree. I’m also the one who never sneaks around the house looking for my presents in stowaway spots my husband might be using. And I’ve never opened a present early just to re-wrap it and try to look surprised on the Big Morning. Is it because I’m a humbug and want the season to be short? No way! I’m all about the anticipation and the lead-up to the event. I think that the more you think and plan and fuel that excitement-fire, the more enjoyable the day will be.
To that end, we’re doing something new in my house this year. We’re taking every day in the month of December to do something inexpensive and fun that gets in the Christmas spirit. Sometimes it’s something big, like putting up the tree or making cookies as a family. Other days, it’s just something little like telling a story. Having a calendar breaks the “chores” up into enjoyable bite-sized pieces and makes sure we’re finding something seasonal and productive each day.
And of course Christmas morning will be filled with the squeals of children opening stockings and presents and our traditional steak and eggs brunch, even if it’s just the four of us.
You don’t have to take my calendar in its totality, nor do you have to do something daily.  Maybe a couple days a week is your thing. (Mine is obviously themed weekly for decorations, presents, donations, and delighting in the season.) My motto is that if it adds joy to your life, go for it. If it becomes just one more thing, it’s not a thing you need. We might not make it through all the ideas, but we’re looking forward to as many as life lets us. The goal is to make the time special and to appreciate the season without blowing the bank.
If you need help setting goals for the holidays and your finances, our financial coaches are here to help. We’re happy to talk with you about your situation and make the most of your financial life!

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