5 Tips for Furnishing Your New Apartment

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I recently moved into my very first apartment and let me tell you, it was not nearly as glamorous as I expected!  However, after a slow process, I was able to move and furnish a one bedroom apartment on a modest budget.  Here are some tips for making your move as smooth as possible on your nerves and budget.

  • The key to a successful move is to make a plan! Budget out how much you want to spend total as well as specific amounts each room.  Direct the largest proportion of funds to rooms that you will spend the most time in or the ones that will be seen most often.
  • Start your move by identifying as many items as possible you can keep from your previous place.  Even if it is smaller items such as kitchenware or decorations, it can really add up.  I was able to save big by keeping the mattress, bookcase and dresser that I already owned.
  • Next consider what pieces you feel are staple items: mattress, couch, table? Recognize you will need to spend more money on these items. Consider whether you want to purchase cheap pieces that you may end up replacing more often than necessary. Also, keep in mind how the whole room will look together.  It is easiest to design a room starting from the largest items first. Once you buy the necessities, you can begin to buy your “wants”.  These accessory items can flood your budget quickly if not watched carefully; yet another reason to save these for last.
  • Rather than buying cheap items which usually means cheap quality, try used.  You can find high quality used pieces.  Simply have them repaired, refurnished or fitted with new hardware.  These items will also be easier to resell in the event you need to move without all of your belongings.  The following places are a good place to start:
    • Ebay
    • Craigslist – especially the free section!
    • Thrift stores
    • Antique stores
    • Flea markets
    • Family or friends’ furniture that they no longer want

(After your purchases, plan your pickups all on same day.  It will save you quite a bit on moving                          expenses and time.)

  • Consider utilizing your money and space by purchasing items that have dual purposes:
    • Pull out couch
    • Lights that double as shelving
    • Coffee table instead of a formal dining room table
    • Ottomans that are storage

Remember to be patient.  To construct your apartment right, it will take some time! Recognize you will not be able to get everything you want immediately.  I realized to stay on track with my budget I would have to go without luxuries; for me that meant no T.V.  Keep in mind you will also need to be prepared for unexpected expenses so leave some cushion room in your budget.
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