4 Ways to Save on Halloween

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Halloween, the best time of the year to be anyone BESIDES yourself. No matter if you’re 5 or 50, Halloween is a holiday that everyone can get into. Whether you’re trick or treating or hosting a Halloween Party, Halloween can get pricey. Here are some ways to spend less cash and eat more candy on Ole Hallows’ Eve.
DIY Costumes
Costumes, by far the most FUN thing about Halloween. This holiday lets you be anyone you want to be, whether that’s a Disney Princess or a Ninja Turtle the possibilities are endless. Fortunately, we are living in an age where Pinterest is key. Pinterest has tons of ideas of what to be for Halloween along with how to make it. Making your own costume has many perks to it, financial and otherwise. Not only will your costume be one of a kind (think about it, your costume is going to blow all those generic versions out of the water) but most of the time you will spend less money on it then you would on the store version. Look for coupons for craft stores such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby since these will be places you will go to buy materials for your costume. If you don’t have the time to DIY, Party City also has some great affordable options (they send coupons to your email if you are on their email list so make sure to sign up for it). Party City also has TONS of accessories so if you do have to buy a costume from there make sure you spice it up with one of the various accessories they have within the store.
Finger Foods
When I say finger foods, hopefully my readers will know what I mean….
Not what came to mind? Finger foods are going to be your best bet if you are a hosting a Halloween party this year. There are so many different recipes for festive dishes that it may be hard for you to pick just a few! Pinterest, recipes.com, and other blogs will give you tons of Halloween type options to spice up that snack table. Serving these “finger foods” will help you stick to your party budget, while allowing you to feed your guests a variety of snacks! Beware: Your guests may not leave the food table, it will be hard to with all of the glorious snacks you have picked out.
I may be 23 years old, but I don’t care what anybody says…candy is still by far the BEST part of Halloween. Although, it may not be acceptable for me to go trick or treating anymore (the joys of growing up, right?) I still enjoy passing out candy to all of the kids in my neighborhood. I wish I had the means to buy the full size candy bars, but if you’re passing out candy to 100+ kids that can get pretty pricey. Heading to a Warehouse club such as Costco or Sam’s is going to be your thriftiest option, and can help you avoid the hassle of making multiple trips to the grocery store. These stores have multiple candy options, so you can suffice those sweet tooth’s with a huge variety without spending an arm and a leg on it. If you don’t have the option of a buying candy at a Warehouse club, a lot of times stores will have weekly ads that will show their deals for the week and have coupons included as well.
Decorating for Halloween is something that can really get you (along with your neighbors) in the spirit. One suggestion that is not only a cute decoration, but can also be a bonding activity is carving pumpkins! Pumpkins are sold at most grocery stores for under $5. You can also usually pick up a cheap carving kit (or do what I do and save the one you have from last year), while downloading different prints to carve online. By downloading prints to carve online, you can carve something different than the generic jack-o-lantern and make your pumpkin the most creative on your street. You can also use the seeds from inside your pumpkin as a snack to keep the fall festivities going as an added bonus! If you want to be more festive than that, look for decorations at stores such as Walmart and Dollar Tree for additional fun and cheap decorations that will have your house looking the most festive this year.
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