Guest Contributor: 13 Ways to Save More Every Day

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This post is contributed by Patricia Sanders, a regular contributor at
These days, in our world of increasing debt problems and economic uncertainty, it’s essential to try to save a few bucks every day. So to help you stay on top of your finances and cut expenses, here are 13 amazing ways to save money and build a solid financial boat – starting right now:

  1. Download free pdf: Are you a voracious reader like me? Do you love to read books day and night? If so, then download the free pdf version of the books you wish to read on your tablet or smartphone or e-reader. You can also join communities who allow you to download latest eBooks or national bestsellers for free.
  2. Carry a reusable travel mug: Love to sip coffee at Starbucks? Bringing a reusable travel mug, for certain locations, may help you get a 10% discount on your favorite beverage.
  3. Buy certified pre-owned cars: Usually, the value of car depreciates by 15%-40% after the first year. Try to buy certified pre-owned cars that meet the following criteria:
    1. It is around 2 years old
    2. It comes with a warranty
    3. It has about 20,000 miles

This will help to save money on your car purchase.

  1. Plant trees around your house: This will not only help you live in a green environment but also enable you to save money on air-conditioning.
  2. Look for discounted tickets: Love to watch plays after completing your work? Look for discounted tickets online. Be it Las Vegas or New York, you can get discounted tickets to shows 24*7 on different websites. These websites offer unreserved seats to their members at a discounted price. The theater owners are happy since they do not incur a huge loss. On the other hand, members are also happy since they get an opportunity to watch plays without breaking their budget. You can also check out websites where people resell tickets they can’t use.
  3. Think offbeat: You want to replace your air-conditioner? Purchase it in winter to get a great deal. If you need to buy a space heater, then buy it in summer to save money.
  4. Drink your own wine: At restaurants, find out if you can drink your own wine and pay a corkage fee. Some restaurants would allow you to do so. They would rather focus on the fact that you have chosen the restaurant for having a meal. Don’t order bottled water since it’s price can be marked up by 300%. Go for tap water instead.
  5. Eat veggies once a week: Usually, meat is the costliest part of the meal. So why not skip meat at least once a week? There are thousands of delicious vegetarian recipes on different websites. You can cook those dishes and cut down your grocery bill.
  6. Ask for free samples: Do you have a doctor’s appointment this week for your baby? If so, then ask the receptionist for free samples. If you’re lucky, you could get kids’ medicines, baby food, and hand sanitizer for free.
  7. Use stainless steel: I love steel containers/cookware since they look good and are user-friendly. You can use them regularly for several years. Glass storage containers are expensive and they need to be handled with care. If you have kids at home, then they can break those expensive trays in one minute. Plastic containers also don’t last for long.
  8. Stop watching television: Don’t be shocked. You can watch your favorite T.V shows and movies online nowadays. So why would you pay double? Cut out cable and watch movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime for a fraction of the amount you pay for cable TV.
  9. Maintain your car: Wash your car to keep it clean and tidy. Maintain your car properly. Your car will last longer and would reduce car repair expenses also. This will help to save money.
  10. Drink more water: The health benefits of drinking plenty of water are well-known. But do you know that you can save money by drinking more water? When you drink water before having a meal, you feel fuller and eat less. This helps to trim your food bill. Your body is hydrated too. What’s more, you’ll be less tempted to drink beverages like tea, juice, and soda.

Choose quality over quantity when you’re planning to shop for food and electronics. There is no doubt that you’ll be inclined towards the cheaper version of an item. But sometimes, it’s wiser to spend more and buy the best quality product since this would help you save more in the long run.
Organic foods are healthy and nutritious. These foods would help you to stay healthy and save money on medical expenses. Processed and packaged foods are neither healthy nor budget-friendly. They are just good at saving time. Skip buying those foods instead.

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