10 tips to help you save this Fall!

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Fall… a season of football, colorful leaves, camping, and pumpkin spice lattes. Fall is by far my FAVORITE season! I love the weather during fall, however with all of the fun outdoor activities available it can get pretty pricey! Here are ten tips to help you skip the habit of impulsive fall spending.

  1. Planning your meals in advance is going to make a world of a difference this fall! Crockpot season is here so even if you don’t have time to cook a meal once you get home, plan to make a crockpot meal and your dinner will be done and ready to go!


  1. Try a “no-spend weekend.” This would be a perfect weekend to go camping at a free campsite. Fall weather is perfect for camping and an easy way to not spend very much money and still have a great time! Try splitting your food costs with your friends to make this as close to a no-spend weekend as possible and taking one car to your camp spot so you can split up the gas prices.


  1. DIY all of your fall décor! This includes your Halloween decorations. Get your kids involved and make fun and festive decorations that can help make your home feel more “fall chic.” You can also check out Goodwill or Consignment stores for some vintage fall décor.


  1. Start saving for the Holidays! Christmas will be here before you know it and working towards a Holiday Fund will make your holiday shopping a lot more enjoyable. Since you will not be stressed about having enough money to buy gifts, you will be able to enjoy the season of giving.


  1. Get your flu shot! How does getting a flu shot help you avoid spending a lot of money this fall? Well, many employers offer the shot free of cost and if your employer doesn’t cover it your insurance most likely will! If you get the flu vaccine, you will avoid getting the flu and will not have to take any time off of work.


  1. Workout outside! Scale back on your gym package or even ditch your gym membership during the fall months! Fall is a great time to get moving outside and since it is so beautiful out it is a great time to use the great outdoors as your gym. Ask your gym about putting a hold on your account so that you can get back in there once the New Year rolls around!


  1. Fall is a great time to pull out your inner artist by painting or carving a pumpkin. This is a fun activity but can get a little pricey if you’re not careful. When you look into buying a pumpkin do some comparison shopping before you decide to become Picasso. Use Facebook groups or other network websites to see who has the best prices in your area.


  1. If you decide to visit a corn maze or pumpkin patch, look into bringing your own snacks! Food tends to be priced higher at events like this, so pack a picnic basket and bring your own! Bringing a thermos with a hot beverage like hot chocolate or apple cider will help seal the deal!


  1. Since fall has the best weather of any season… in my opinion, look into ways you can save on your utility bills. Consider turning down off the AC and opening your windows to enjoy the crisp breeze.


  1. If you have children, look into setting up playdates or birthday parties outside! The weather is pleasant for outdoor activities such as roasting s’mores or playing on a jungle gym. In general, renting a picnic shelter is less expensive than planning a get together at an event space and your kids will have just as much fun!

Fall is a great time to hang out with family and friends and to really enjoy the great outdoors! Look into spending as much time outside as possible, because once Winter rolls around you are going to wish you did!

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