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I came out of a divorce with a sizeable amount of credit card debt, then compounded the problem by trying to live the lifestyle after my divorce that I had enjoyed while married. My debt kept creeping up.

About a year before I began working with Apprisen, I got to the point where I had to come up with creative ways to pay for food before my next paycheck. These included going to check cashing stores that charge exorbitant fees.

I’m very thankful that, when searching for help online, I found Apprisen. There are many horror stories out there today about “debt relief companies” that have sprung up in the midst of our economic crisis and many are complete scams. Apprisen is different. They set up a basic income and expense chart for me. They reviewed my debt and I enrolled in their debt management plan.

I finally was able to get my financial life in order. I thought I was going to take my debts to my grave, but with Apprisen I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Every month I was able to see my progress. It was a great feeling knowing that I was doing the right thing, as opposed to filing for bankruptcy. That fact gave me confidence and determination to complete the program. It felt good to take care of my obligations honorably.

The lifestyle changes I made while in the program have stayed with me. I am now saving the money that I was paying to the credit card companies. It’s a great feeling to have that money in my pocket now. It really has been a life-changing experience for me. Determination and perseverance along with the great service from Apprisen has paid huge dividends for me. I can’t thank Apprisen enough!

Joan Oliver
Apprisen 2010 Client of the Year

When my house went into foreclosure in July 2008, I immediately contacted Consumer Financial Services and an appointment was scheduled with a housing counselor.

My counselor was invaluable in helping me get together the paperwork I needed to keep my home. With the encouragement of my counselor, I kept going when I thought it was hopeless.

During this time the economy crashed and my mortgage was sold twice, I was in the hospital twice and then a nursing home. I was sick for months on end, but I kept going with my counselor’s help, never giving up. When I was too sick to do the paperwork he did it for me. He made phone calls, faxed the bank and called off two sheriff sale dates.

Whoever is reading this, please don't give up. Picture yourself as a pit bull with a great trainer keeping you on course. From July of 2008 to September of 2010 when my trial modification started, many times I thought I'd lose my home, but my counselor kept me going with his humor, encouragement and knowledge of what I needed to do to win.

In January my permanent loan modification was finalized and my first payment was made. I now have a fresh start!

Linda R.

My husband and I just completed our program. We are so thrilled to be done with a combined $58,000 worth of credit card debt. We thought it would haunt us for the rest of our lives.

My husband and I were married nine years ago and with my debt and his debt combined, we felt doomed to not make it. We had even gone as far as preparing divorce papers because of the constant stress we were under. However, when we saw that the program was working for us, we stopped fighting over what to pay and when to pay it every week.

We just want you to know how much we appreciate your organization and how it has totally changed our lives.

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From now on... I only buy things if I have the cash!

Apprisen made this possible - I lived for years $280 short per month - now I have that money and I’ve learned at my age I do not need credit cards to survive in society! I am on social security which isn’t much a month but with your help I now have enough money to live on.

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I was reluctant to seek help for years because I felt like such a failure for getting myself in such a predicament.

Now I wish I had not waited so long. I feel empowered and I am so motivated to stick with my plan. I now have the opportunity to improve my life, save for the future and begin making smart decisions regarding my finances. I can sleep at night again. Thank you!

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