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The Money Minute - November 2015

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WIN One Mortgage or Rent Payment up to $1,500*

You are invited to register now! You could be the winner of one mortgage or rent payment up to $1,500* from Apprisen to be awarded in December. 

*See the website for complete prize description , list of rules, and regulations.

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Applying for credit cards to get a discount on a purchase... Good or Bad idea?

What a great question with the holiday’s right around the corner. Okay, raise your hand if you have ever been at the store register and been asked by the cashier, “Would you like to take an extra 10% off todays purchase just for applying for our credit card?” 

Your current financial situation should determine if this is a good or bad idea. 

: Credit Cards

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How will you retire?

We all have the future goal of retiring. When our fast paced world will slow down and we can begin to take our time to enjoy the things we have not had the time to do before. Do you know when you will be able to retire? How much money will you have saved when you do retire? Success in this area of your life is going to be dependent on your ability to be proactive and plan ahead. 

: Retirement

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