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The Money Minute - May 2015

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 Financial infidelity  

Financial Infidelity

We’ve all heard the saying “arguing about money is one of the leading reasons for divorce”. When couples argue about money, it often leads to thoughts of dissolving the marriage/relationship, emotional turmoil, anxiety and so many other feelings. But don’t worry! According to an article from US News in June 2014, “all healthy marriages have disagreements over money.” It’s all about how you discuss the disagreements and if you can come up with a solution.
: Personal Finance

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 Alternative lodging

Maximizing Your Travel Budget: Alternative Lodging

Every spring, I start dreaming of all the faraway places I want to go later in the year. Visions of Brazilian beaches, busy New York streets, Italian pizza parlors, and Colorado campgrounds fill my head. Then, I’m awakened by a slap in the face from my bank account. Traveling can be expensive. So if you’re anything like me, you are constantly searching for ways to keep your bank account happy and experience the world at the same time. In this three part series, I will share tips and suggestions for maximizing your travel budget..
: Personal Finance

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